Guest Post: Moments. A Poem from The Parent Game

Guest Post: Moments. A Poem from The Parent Game

Today’s guest post comes from the talented Lucy at The Parent Game. She messaged me on Facebook back in the middle of May explaining that she had written a poem for us about our impending arrival. I was really touched and had tears in my eyes as I read it, so I had to share it here.


A moment in time, a flash passing through
The moment they first thought about you.
A moment in thought, an idea, a spark,
Lighting a newly-found place in their hearts.

A moment in need, they first pictured your face
And knew it was you that would take up that place.
A moment in hope, every step of the way,
Knowing you’d find your way home one day.

A moment in faith, believing in you,
Their strength in each other would help pull you through.
A moment in nurture, this tiniest seed
She lovingly nourished your every last need.

A moment in wonder, in life all brand-new,
And knowing this journey was all about you.


About the Author:
Lucy started The Parent Game in 2012 for parents of not just babies and toddlers, but those with older children and students too. As her children have a large age gap, she was meeting a lot of mums who had no confidence and who felt they just weren’t ‘making the grade’. That’s why she chose the title, because, sometimes, parenting can feel like a game. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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