Guest Post: Why Mums-To-Be Shouldn’t Panic if Their Baby is a Night-Owl

Guest Post: Why Mums-To-Be Shouldn’t Panic if Their Baby is a Night-Owl

Carol at Virtually Allsorts is my second guest poster. She is a regular linker to Prose for Thought and I enjoy reading her interesting and varied posts. I was really pleased to read the post that she is sharing here today. Our boy is definitely a night wriggler in my tummy so I shall be interested to see if we have a similar situation as she did.

When I was pregnant, I loved the feeling of our daughter jiggling around in my belly. It’s such a privileged thing to be able to feel isn’t it? I say ‘privileged’ because your partner can experience the majority of your pregnancy with you but definitely not baby moving (or ‘morning’ sickness…!)

Of a night, I would often be sitting in one of my favourite ‘pregnancy’ chairs. It was a normal chair but offered me more support and comfort than the others. There was a speaker next to the chair which was rigged up to the TV. At 10 pm on the dot, I would feel movement after a lull since about tea time. It felt like a whole party was going on in there, with disco ball and everything! As reassuring as this was, it wasn’t very restful for me.

For a good hour, my belly would be the host of a wiggle and jiggle party and I’d be lying in bed with my pregnancy pillow, trying to sleep but invariably not able to.

We’d comment to each other, hubby and I, that perhaps our daughter was going to be a night-owl. Much like her daddy! I openly hoped for a baby who slept through the night!

And 7 years later, we’ve never had any issues with her sleeping. At all.

It seems she may have been doing some rigorous yoga stretches rather than having the party that I imagined! The fact she’s always slept well has made life so much easier for us. I’ve a feeling she will be a teenager who loves her bed too! Time will tell…

The reason for me writing this really is to show that baby’s movements don’t always replicate post-partum… or at least our baby’s didn’t!

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Carol is mum and wife and writes on her blog, Virtually Allsorts, the good and happy in life. She enjoys writing poetry and flash fiction as well as wellbeing. She recently gained a distinction as a Crystal Healing Practitioner and is now studying kinesiology.. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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