Grace’s Five Great Picks from RED5 for Fathers Day

Grace’s Five Great Picks from RED5 for Fathers Day

What do you buy for the man who has everything? Or, at least, everything he needs without filling his house up with clutter?! Ross is adamant that he doesn’t really want stuff that is of no use to him – so you can imagine how tricky it can get when his birthday, Christmas or Fathers Day comes around.

When I was approached by RED5, the ultimate gadget shop, and asked to choose some items for Fathers Day, I handed the reins over to Grace. She is great at choosing gifts. Looking at their website we knew we would find at least one thing which would fulfil his criteria. But, of course, that didn’t stop us overruling him a bit and choosing a couple of the more fun products. 

Four Bottle Bar Optic

I have to say that I thought this was a particularly good idea from Grace. Ross has always wanted his own bar in our house and I guess this item gets him at least some of the way there! This bar optic can hold up to four 1 litre sized bottles of some of your favourite spirits. It has a chrome base and useful revolving stand. It is also freestanding which makes it portable – and useful if we wanted to use it inside or out, next to our Softub! A really good price at £29.99. 

Grace says: I think that this is a clever idea because you can decide precisely how much you want in a glass plus you can see how much is left in the bottle at the same time. Also, it means you don’t spill any! 

LED Clock Fan Stand

Now this is definitely a useful gift. This combined LED clock and fan sits on your desk and provides you with two uses. Firstly, it keeps you cool using two safe and soft blades and, thanks to it’s flexible neck, can be angled easily. Secondly, these fans rotate at a very fast speed,  making a clock face seamlessly float upon the fan. The best thing is that there is no need for batteries as it is powered by USB.  Measures approx. 26cm x 10cm x 10cm. Cables measures approx. 110cm. Makes a good mid-range gift priced at £16.99.

Grace says: This is a good idea because if you are really hot you don’t want a massive big fan standing in your way, making a load of noise. This fan not only is small and portable it is useful as well for telling the time. It’s clever because it connects to your computer and sets the time from there.

Magnetic Bottle Opener

At first I wondered why Grace chose this – when you see her explanation, you will think she is one clever girl! This is a magnetic bottle opener which needs zero effort – and, if you are familiar with Ross’ DIY history, you will understand why this is a good thing! Using just magnets it attaches to any metal surface, providing you with a very easy, straightforward way to open bottles in an instant. Not just that though. This clever gadget also collects your bottle tops as they fall, so you won’t have to worry about straining your back by bending down to pick them up! A very reasonably priced £7.99.

Grace says: This is a good idea because it is a magnet so you can put it on your fridge and it doesn’t get in the way. It saves dad leaving a load of bottle tops all around the house. Also, when he is holding my baby brother, he can open a drink easily! (he is gonna need it!). 

Ladybird Book of the Zombie Apocalypse 

We are big lovers of the new, satirical Ladybird books in this house. Having already received the Mid-Life Crisis title at Christmas, Grace knew that this one was for Ross as soon as she saw it. We are big Zombie fans in this house what with Resident Evil and The Walking Dead. This hardback book makes the process of preparing for any potential Zombie Apocalypse easy using it’s tongue-in-cheek advice such as collecting up on your tinned supplies, building yourself a bunker and getting an action plan in place. Great for a smaller gift, priced at £6.99. 

Grace says: Dad has a lot of things to do with Zombies but he hasn’t yet got a book about them. He loves these types of Ladybird books so I think he will really like this one.

3D Motion Face Coasters

Ross and Grace have a brilliant sense of humour and are always jesting with each other – sometimes making me feel like a mum to the both of them! These 3D motion face coasters sum them up perfectly, making protecting your table just that bit more fun. They feature a very funny 3D moving face print on one side.  On the other side is a standard one on the other with the ability to clip them to your nose. Appearances feature things like a My Name is Earl type moustache and some very red lipstick. I have a feeling that these coasters will be spending more time on their faces than on the table! Great fun at a great price of £2.99.

Grace says: The coasters with the funny faces are not only fun for a night staying at home but we need some new ones. Again, they are multi-purpose – plus I think dad and me are going to laugh a lot! 

All of these products – and more! – can be bought on the RED5 website in time for Fathers Day on 18th June 2017. Find more ultimate gadgets and great gifts here.

Disclosure: Thank you to RED5 for sending us these products in return for this review. Please note that all words, images and opinions have been formed by the owner of this blog and have not been influenced in any way. Please do not reproduce any of the content or images on this post without prior agreement from Verily Victoria Vocalises.


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