Softub – the Hot Tub with a Difference PLUS Olympus Pen Giveaway

Softub – the Hot Tub with a Difference PLUS Olympus Pen Giveaway

Did you know that, in our back garden, sitting on our decking, we have a hot tub? Well….we have a Softub to be more precise, and we love it!

Back in May 2014, we were guests of Barbers cheese at the Royal Bath and West show . Here I was called upon to share my ultimate cheese toastie. You may also recall that we went on a Forest Holidays break the same year…which started off our love of the hot tub.

As we were walking along at the show, trying to find the Barbers stand, we came across the lovely people of Softub. We were intrigued as this doesn’t look like your normal, run of the mill, everyday hot tub.

Our first impressions

The Softub is made of far softer material than we first realised and, whilst it didn’t have the moulded seats like a ‘normal’ hot tub, it felt easier on the skin and less likely to cause bruises as you banged your shins on the side (something I have experienced and, believe me, it is ruddy painful!!).

Softub were looking to sell the display models they had. The smaller one had already been taken but the larger model – the Softub Resort 300+ – in a mocha colour which holds 6 people was still for sale.  Ross had a number of discussions with the wonderfully friendly staff and soon a deal was struck. Grace and I were VERY excited by this, as was Ross. He has worked extremely hard over the past few months and he deserved to reward himself. Grace’s comments were rather funny though – ‘I am going to be SO popular at school!’.

When our Softub was delivered the very next day, we decided to place it on our decking after ensuring that it would take the weight once the tub had been filled. In order to ensure that we could leave the Softub pump plugged in we then had to get an electrician around to put everything in place for us. Then we had to fill it….and fill it….and fill it! It took nearly a day. Then we had to heat it, and, to get it up to a balmy 38º it took another day and a half (now we understand why it has to be left on all the time!).

But was it all worth it I hear you ask! So very totally and utterly.


8 Reasons to Choose a Softub


Portable, light and easy to install: Softubs are the most versatile hot tub spa in the world, defying limits and redefining the meaning of endless possibilities.


Relax and enjoy some peace and quiet! Thanks to our innovative Whisper Technology Softub motors are the quietest in the industry.


Softubs have been the undisputed market leaders in heat recovery and heat recycling technology for over twenty years, producing award winning hot spas without a separate heater. The Hydromate incorporates pump, motor and heater into a single unit.  This reduces energy consumption to an absolute minimum. This innovative technology and the use of our high density insulating foam” Polybond” make your Softub the most energy efficient hot tub on the market.


Come rain or shine, heat wave or deep freeze, LeatherTex, the outer vinyl of your Softub Hot Spa will withstand even the severest of weather conditions. 


The automatic cleaning function of the Ozonator aids intensive and hygienic water care, allowing you to use fewer chemicals whilst keeping your water crystal clear.


Easy Installation, innovative foam material and departure from pre-shaped and restrictive seating provides freedom of movement and ultimate comfort in any position.


Softub Hot Tub Spas are a haven of comfort and relaxation. The soft but firm foam material Polybond provides optimal comfort and support in any position. This creates the most comfortable lounging spa to date.


Leather effect materials, stylish colours, high quality surrounds and state-of- the-art accessories, make Softub the quintessence of Design, Style and Quality.

Why we agree with Softub

I have to completely agree with all of these. Number 2 is particularly relevant to us. When we were on our Forest Holiday, the sound of the hot tub did, on occasion sound like a helicopter landing! No such thing with ours. I haven’t bruised my legs getting in and out, I can sit where I like and, all of this for around £15 per month in electricity.

The jets are  well-placed around the tub meaning that you can massage different parts of your body. As well as an outside light on the decking, there is a light inside the tub which softly glows different colours. 


The water treatment is very straightforward. I add the chemicals once a week. We also put in a little more chlorine if we are using it regularly that week. A chemical treatment pack lasts for around 6 months. We also have something called a ‘scumbug’ which floats on the surface collecting any water scum. 

So many ways to relax

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