The Conception Diaries – 30 Weeks Pregnant

The Conception Diaries – 30 Weeks Pregnant

Following my series on YouTube, The Conception Diaries and our attempts to get pregnant, our IVF baby is due in July 2017. My last update was at 29 weeks pregnant when I wrote about hypnobirthing, a whooping cough injection and disappointment from eBay.

I am now 30 weeks pregnant. As I type this, I have just 65 days to go. Our boy weighs around 3lbs and is about the size of a good sized cabbage.  

The swollen feet continue

On Monday evening my feet were really swollen once again. Ross’ mum and dad came over for the evening and we were really pleased to see them as we hadn’t met up for a while. We filled them in on the latest developments with the baby and discussed all the possibilities around the baby’s arrival. We had a lovely meal together and played a few games. I managed to put my feet up for most of the evening thankfully! 

An acupuncture appointment 

I was really pleased to be going to see Louise, my acupuncturist, on Tuesday morning. It has been around a month since our last appointment. The last time I saw her she managed to sort out my constipation and it has been OK ever since so I knew that she would be able to do at least something with my feet!

I had a lovely session with her. Not only did she place the needles in the places to help with the fluid retention, she also gentle massaged my feet and legs as I was lying there – I could have happily have done that all day! After my appointment, my feet were able to fit back into my shoes better! However, by the evening, they had ballooned again so it was back on with the surgical stockings.  I think I have come to accept that, just like my last pregnancy, fluid retention has taken over!

A special midwife appointment 

Originally my appointment was booked for my doctors surgery but, when a trainee midwife called Sarah – who had seen me a number of weeks back – asked me to come in so that she could be assessed for her training, I had to help her out. 

I turned up a little early, just to make sure I was there, and she called me through on time. She had already warned me that it would be very thorough. I saw Flo, the midwife I had seen a couple of times, and also Sarah’s tutor. The usual checks were made for my urine and blood pressure. Unlike other appointments, Sarah listened for the baby’s heartbeat using an old-fashioned pinard horn. I am sure they used one of these during my previous pregnancy and I was really impressed to see Sarah use it and even find what she was listening for. I was then able to record the beat on my phone when she used the doppler. She also measured my tummy and recorded me at around 28 to 29 weeks – so it was about right. 

It was a really interesting and thorough appointment and I came away feeling very positive.

A memorial service

On Thursday morning, Grace and I attended the memorial service for her headmaster who passed away a couple of weeks ago. The church was full to the brim – not only with school children but also parents and lots of members of the community. It was lovely to see all Grace’s former teachers and their school put on a wonderful display of love and affection for Mr Carter including a tribute to him playing spiderman, a story read by all the teachers and a poem about beans, his favourite food. Grace and some of her year also read out their memories of him. I found it very hard to keep it together and found myself in tears a number of times. It was a beautiful service and I am certain he was looking down on them and really enjoying it.

Wonderland the Musical

In complete contrast to the morning, on Thursday evening Ross, Grace and I drove to Bristol to watch Wonderland the Musical at the Hippodrome. When I was pregnant with Grace, I went to see ‘Wicked’ 3 nights after it had opened. I was lucky enough to catch Idina Menzel playing Elphaba. I was very keen to see another musical this pregnancy and Kerry Ellis, who had also previously played Elphaba, was the lead in Wonderland. We enjoyed ourselves and felt that the second act redeemed the first. Review to follow on this blog. What I can say though is the baby was extremely happy throughout, kicking along to the music!

An antenatal class

Today Ross and I attended an antenatal class at Yeovil Hospital. Held from 9.45am until around 3.45pm, it was a chance to refresh my memory and show Ross what it was all about. It was fairly interesting and I found that there were a number of things that came flooding back to me about labour. I was the only expectant mother there who was on her second child – everyone else was on their first. There were about 15 couples and Ross and I had lots of fun.

One particular exercise involved holding an ice cube for 2 minutes. We did this 3 times and each time we approached it in a different way. The first time we were left to our own devices, the second we focused on breathing and the third we used visualisation – which I had done on my first time! I found it amusing that the only person who couldn’t manage to hold onto his ice cube was a man who had loads of piercings in his ears – I found his pain threshold a little puzzling!

After lunch, we moved on to discussing care and feeding for the baby. All in all, Ross and I agreed that we hadn’t learned that much but we were glad we had gone. 

30 weeks + 5 days bump

This week’s bump photo was taken during our antenatal class – as you can probably tell! 

What’s Next?

The countdown continues! This week I turn 46 years old and find it a little strange to be nearer to 50 and pregnant – although I certainly don’t feel it! We are off to the hospital again tomorrow for a tour of the maternity unit and, other than that, I am going to be busy working.


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