4 Ways to Become a Greener Student

4 Ways to Become a Greener Student

Looking after the environment is extremely important for the present and the future, and as a student, there is a multitude of things that you can do in order to become more eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint. Whilst studying for your college degree, it’s likely that you are using a lot of energy and resources, which you will be able to reduce. We’ve put together some top tips for becoming a greener student and doing your bit to reduce your impact on the environment.

Study Online

Not only is online study more flexible and often cheaper than studying on-campus, it can also be kinder to the environment. When more students are enrolled online, fewer resources are being used up on campus, for example lighting, heating or cooling lecture theatres or classrooms. Choosing to study your masters in social work online gives you more control over the energy that you use, and enables you to help reduce road pollution as there’ll be no need to commute to class by car or public transport.

Reduce Your Paper Use

Today, there’s really no need to use a lot of paper when studying, thanks to modern technology. Whether you are studying for an online social work masters or are a traditional campus-based student, using a gadget such as your laptop or tablet for taking notes, rather than writing them down, will help to reduce the amount of paper that you use. Along with this, you can also use an e-reader to access digital books and journals, reducing the amount of paper books that you need.


As a student, one of the simplest yet most effective habits that you can get into in order to become more eco-friendly is recycling. A lot of the materials that you use on a daily basis, for example cardboard food packaging, tins, and even food waste can be recycled and re-used. So, ensure that you are using the correct recycling bins for your trash, so that your waste can be put to good use again and reduce the amount of natural resources that we use.

Ditch the Car

If you drive, then you’ll know that a car can certainly come in handy. Indeed, it can be essential for many people when it comes to getting to work or class. However, when it comes to using your vehicle, unnecessary journeys can significantly contribute to road pollution. So, before you get in your car, it’s a good idea to ask whether or not driving is actually necessary. Taking public transport to get to further-away destinations can be a more eco-friendly alternative, whilst walking or cycling to closer destinations is not only good for the environment, but also for your pocket and your health!

There are many ways in which you can benefit from becoming more eco-friendly as a student. Along with the satisfaction of knowing that your damage to the planet is at a minimum, going green is often cheaper and much healthier, which can improve your overall student experience!

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