Help Your Child Get Ahead in Learning with Education Quizzes

Help Your Child Get Ahead in Learning with Education Quizzes

One of the things Ross and I have been very keen on is to ensure that we support Grace whenever it comes to her school work. Education is paramount to her success and, if it is something we don’t take an interest in, then we know that she is the kind of child who will likely lose interest herself. Having moved through Key Stage One successfully, she is now almost at the end of Key Stage Two, although one of the things I do find tricky is understanding the curriculum that they should be following. This is one of the many reasons Education Quizzes comes in handy.

Designed to help all children

Whether they are following KS1, KS2, 11-plus, KS3, GCSE or similar, Education Quizzes are designed to help children of all ages. Their primary objective is to act as a support to all school children and to assist them with their success. They advise that they are the world’s first NON trivia quiz site! However, all the quizzes are designed to be fun and educational and are written by teachers.

The quizzes consolidate classroom learning and help children feel more confident about reaching the top of the class.  They are written in such a way that they meticulously follow the curriculum guidelines so you can be confident the quiz subjects match what is being taught at school.

KS2 subjects

With KS2 being of particular interest to us at the moment, I took a look at the subjects which were supported and I was surprised to see just how many there were. They include the standard subjects including English, Geography, History, Maths and Science. Other subjects include PE, Art and Design, ICT, Music and RE.

I have to admit to having a small go on one of the English quizzes. I found it really easy to use and as well as enjoyable to play.

Nature Matters

One of the things that both Grace and I are keen on is nature, so I was very pleased to see that Education Quizzes also cover this subject in the form of a blog called Nature Matters. They have posts on things like the planets, flowers during the season, predatory swimmers and a new species of Gibbon being found in China. This is something that we will both follow keenly – on top of playing the quizzes of course! 


Subscriptions to the site cost £9.95 per month to the entire site, however, Education Quizzes are aware that not every parent can afford this. For that reason, they are keenly trying to promote the idea to schools. This is because a school can pay on behalf of the students and, because they are in effect bulk-buying, they can benefit from a discount – dependent upon numbers, this could be as little as £2 per year. This is not only a small proportion of what the school is paid per student per year but would also benefit all involved.

Is this a resource you would be interested in? How do you help your children with their learning experiences?

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