The Conception Diaries – Friday 2nd December and 7 Weeks Pregnant

The Conception Diaries – Friday 2nd December and 7 Weeks Pregnant

Following my series on YouTube, The Conception Diaries, following our attempts to get pregnant, I am thrilled to say that after nearly 4 years of trying, 2 losses and one failed IVF attempt, our dream has finally come true and our baby is due in July 2017.

Because I have been too tired to vlog, I have kept a written diary of what has happened so far and will go back to vlogging just as soon as I can!

Friends to stay

Last weekend we had the Crewkerne Christmas light switch-on and then friends, John and Luci, came to stay with us for the weekend. Of course, they would have seen first-hand that I was popping pills and being unreasonably unsociable so we told them our news and they couldn’t be happier for us. They didn’t take offence when I went off for a lay down or got an early night!

Our first scan

I think that this has to be the first thing that I have felt excited about in a very long time. Of course, I was apprehensive too. What if there was nothing there? What if the result was wrong? What if something had gone wrong? Too many ‘what if’s’! Ross and I went up to Jasmine Ward at the Women’s Hospital in Yeovil and were called in almost straight away by a lovely nurse called Lisa. She was so happy for us. After asking me a few questions, we were sent downstairs for our scan. 

Whilst we were waiting, Helen, my fertility nurse, came past and saw us. She was so thrilled for us and said that she would come back after the scan. Our sonographer, Sue, invited us in. 

She couldn’t detect anything on my tummy because I have a retroverted uterus ( a third of women have them apparently) so she had to do a transvaginal scan instead. This time, we could see everything! As Ross held my hand, Sue showed us our baby and detected it’s heartbeat. I was in floods of tears, I was so happy. The baby measured 6mm, there was fetal heart activity present and the gestational age was measured at 6 weeks and 2 days.

As soon as we came out of the room, Ross sent a message to his parents. His mum and dad have been a very central part of our whole process and have helped us hugely with costs for both treatments so we have always made sure to keep them updated. I saw Helen again and we had the biggest hug and then, the sonographer who had seen me regularly – another Helen – came out and hugged us too. I could not believe how happy everyone was for us but knowing that they were aware of our history made it all so special.

We went back upstairs to Jasmine ward to see Lisa and let her know the outcome. She was also thrilled for us. She said to us that there were some people who really deserved this, that they would make fabulous parents and that we were those types of people. It was really special to hear.

We booked another appointment for 10 weeks on 23rd December 2016 as we are hoping to be able to share our news on Christmas Eve.

My symptoms

The upset stomachs continue and now the headaches have started up in a more regular way. Tiredness comes in waves.



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