The Conception Diaries – Friday 25th November and 6 Weeks Pregnant

The Conception Diaries – Friday 25th November and 6 Weeks Pregnant

Following my series on YouTube, The Conception Diaries, following our attempts to get pregnant, I am thrilled to say that after nearly 4 years of trying, 2 losses and one failed IVF attempt, our dream has finally come true and our baby is due in July 2017. 

Because I have been too tired to vlog, I have kept a written diary of what has happened so far and will go back to vlogging just as soon as I can! 

The weekend

Grace was away at her fathers, so Ross and I went to Taunton to do a bit of shopping and have some lunch together at Pizza Express. It is weird now knowing that I have to check the menu to make sure that what I choose is something I can definitely eat! We got home and I have to say, for the rest of that day I was exhausted. It kind of mimicked the previous Saturday but in a MUCH bigger way. That evening, with Grace away and Ross at a gig, I developed a massive headache which meant I was in bed from 9pm. Unheard of for me! 

Another blood test

On Monday morning, I once again visited the doctors for a blood test. I was told that I should be able to get the result from my GP the following afternoon (famous last words there!) but I didn’t concern myself too much with this as it wasn’t like the result we were waiting on from the previous week. I rang the following afternoon and the result wasn’t ready for me but they told me that they would have it the following morning.

The next morning I rang at 9.30am, just before I was due to leave the house for a blogger event at River Cottage Canteen in Winchester. Yet again I was told that there was no result. I told the surgery that I felt so let down by them. That I felt that no one cared or listened to us and our situation and that trying to get information from anyone there was nigh on impossible. The woman I spoke to put me on hold to speak to their general manager, but this was taking too long, so I told them I had to go. She said that she would get another GP to call me as ours was off that day.

A couple of hours later, another doctor rang me to confirm my HCG level was now 12,900 (bear in mind that it needed to be over 25 to confirm that you were pregnant!). I was well and truly expecting. My progesterone level had increased from 25.7 to 77. IVF Spain had wanted to see this over 30, so the extra dosage had done the trick! 

The transfer room at IVF Spain

A session of acupuncture

I had already let my acupuncturist know that I was pregnant and, as soon as she saw me she gave me a huge hug. Louise has been a massive, calm source of support throughout this whole process. What she has done has helped in so many ways. Every week, she feels my pulses and this time she could expand more on what she felt during my last visit. She said that everything felt positive. 

Keeping mum! 

The hardest thing about this week was seeing 3 bloggers I knew at River Cottage Canteen – and not being able to tell them! If you know bloggers, then you will know that they like to talk and share things so it was very difficult. I did have to tell Annie, the representative from River Cottage, as I didn’t want to eat anything I shouldn’t. She was wonderful and gave instructions to the kitchen and advised me what I could and couldn’t touch.

My symptoms

This week has been fairly OK on the symptoms front. I still have an upset stomach and have waves of tiredness. The medication and Chinese herbs continue! 

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  1. December 28, 2016 / 9:29 pm

    So excited for you! Loving reading your updates. It must be a relief that you can actually tell people now!

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