My Christmas Travel Memories

My Christmas Travel Memories

Christmas has always been a very busy time for travel on top of everything else that people have to rush around for. When I was a child I can recall 99% of our Christmases were spent at home. It was a tricky enough task for my parents having to shop for presents and food for all 9 of us, let alone adding travel into the mix! I know that we went out for a couple of Christmas Day lunches and that when I was really small, and there were only 3 children in the family, we went to my Grandparents but that was as far as it went. I didn’t really have any concerns about Father Christmas not finding us.

As I got older and left home, I moved in with my first partner and we would alternate between parents – but again, we didn’t have to venture far. Then, when I was in my next long-term relationship, family wasn’t really the ‘done thing’ for him at Christmas so we would go away down to the coast – sometimes with friends and then, on other occasions, just the two of us. I can even recall that one year we travelled to San Francisco on Boxing Day – I don’t think I would do that again in a hurry! It was very stressful. 

Of course, Christmas takes on a whole new meaning when you have a child and, for the first two Christmases of Grace’s life, we were living with my mum. As Grace got older, we moved into our own place. We would then spend Christmas back at my mum’s and, because Grace was now more aware of the existence of Father Christmas, she was starting to get worried about whether or not he might find her as she wasn’t in her own bed. 

This progressed as we moved in with Ross and then started to spend Christmas with his parents. Grace started writing letters to the man in red and would include in these details of where she would be spending the night on Christmas Eve. It helped and, of course, he knew where to find her but she was still a little worried come bedtime and the possibility that she might wake up with nothing.

It is great to hear that a massive 81% of British children still send their Christmas wish lists to the North Pole, but, just like Grace, it seems that more than half of them are still worried that Father Christmas worried Santa might lose track of where they are if they away from home over the festive season.

A study, carried out by HomeAway, the world leader in holiday rentals, has quizzed hundreds of British parents across the UK, has found that more than a third of children (35%) choose to pay him a visit in person at Grotto’s in department stores or Christmas markets. Email is now becoming a more popular method of contact with 16% choosing to email their lists to the North Pole.

I was interested to read that more than two-thirds (6%) are travelling over 25 miles and this is still a big problem for 54% of British children who are worried Father Christmas won’t be able to find them to deliver their presents. So, it just shows that Grace isn’t the only one who voices her concern over this situation. 

In order to help alleviate the concerns of many of the UK’s children, HomeAway has launched a simple online tool called Reroute Santa to help them communication with the North Pole about exactly where they will be celebrating Christmas. It is really easy to use and any child using the site will get a personalised e-letter back from Father Christmas to confirm that the sleigh will take a detour and make sure that their presents are delivered safe and sound. 

Grace has completed Reroute Santa instructions and this is the letter she received back. Seems that he will definitely be finding her once again this year. 

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