The Conception Diaries #33 – Embryo Transfer Day

The Conception Diaries #33 – Embryo Transfer Day

Welcome to the thirty third vlog in my series ‘The Conception Diaries‘. If you would like to catch up with what has happened so far, you can find the rest of the vlogs over on my YouTube channel.


I said in vlog number 31 that we may have caught a glimpse of our donor. Please note that IVF Spain follow the law very closely and it is physically impossible for patients and donors to see each other as they do not come to the same place. 

Embryo Transfer Day

This vlog was recorded on Wednesday 2nd November 2016 in the clinic of IVF Spain, Alicante. You will see Ross and I in our fetching blue gowns and caps. Having just had the procedure done just half an hour beforehand, Ross explains to you what has happened including the quality of the blastocysts and how many were transferred into me. I also explain how the how process compares to what we experienced in Cyprus and why we believe it was far more professional. 

Thank you for watching xx

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