Prose for Thought. Thursday 8th December 2016

Prose for Thought. Thursday 8th December 2016

Welcome back to this week’s Prose for Thought. I am pleased to say that I have managed to catch up with everyone’s posts from Prose for Thought for the past few weeks – including those hosted by Sara and Carol whilst I was in Spain. I have to say that I am looking forward to taking a break over the Christmas period. Then I can read other blogs to my heart’s content! 

This week, I have written a poem about something that has been bugging me for a couple of weeks. The fact that there are so many people complaining about 2016. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to write it at first so I thought it best to express myself in poetry form. You will find it in the link below. 

The next BritMums poetry and prose will be compiled by Maddy from Writing Bubble and should be up shortly. If you would like to be included in the next BritMums Poetry and Prose round-up, it will be published on, or around, Wednesday 4th January. If you would like to be included then please tweet me (@vicwelton) or Maddyfollow (@writingbubble) using the hashtag #BritMumsPoetry.

If you have written a piece of original poetry, prose or fiction and would like to share it, then please link up below. The link is open until 9.30pm the following Monday. I will try my utmost to read every single linkers post. I would also love it if you share your poem and use the #Prose4T hashtag. If you include me in your tweet – @vicwelton – I will ensure that I retweet you. Please also use my badge below if you are linking up – it helps to publicise the linky to others.

Prose for Thought
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