The Conception Diaries #31 – Fertilisation Day

The Conception Diaries #31 – Fertilisation Day

Welcome to the thirty first vlog in my series ‘The Conception Diaries‘. If you would like to catch up with what has happened so far, you can find the rest of the vlogs over on my YouTube channel.

Fertilisation Day

This vlog was recorded on Saturday 29th October 2016 from our hotel balcony in Alicante. I tell you about our visit to IVF Spain which took place the previous day. Ross gave his sample in a really lovely room which especially set up for the purpose. Once this process was complete, we went upstairs to speak to the Doctor. She advised that she was very happy with the medication protocol that I was already following so I would be continuing with this as well as now adding in Utrogest which is a progesterone pessary. They also measured my endometrium lining to see if it was ready to receive the baby the following week. We spoke to the embryologist who explained the whole process properly – something which has never been clearly explained to us before. Find out why we think we think we might have caught a glimpse of our donor as well as details of how many eggs were collected, how many matured and how many fertilised. 

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