The Conception Diaries #30 – Alicante Part Two

The Conception Diaries #30 – Alicante Part Two

Welcome to the thirtieth vlog in my series ‘The Conception Diaries’ and Alicante Part Two. If you would like to catch up with what has happened so far, you can find the rest of the vlogs over on my YouTube channel.

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, then you will know that we came home from Alicante on Wednesday following our egg donation treatment and embryo transfer thanks to IVF Spain. This took place on Wednesday. 

This week has been an interesting one for me. There has been a lot of different emotions and signs – which could mean anything ( I blame the American election!!). I had all the symptoms the last time we went through this treatment back in March, which obviously ended in a negative result. Because of this, I am not reading anything into anything this time around! I know many women decide to do a HPT (home pregnancy test for those not down with the lingo!) at this stage but the thing that is stopping me is getting the wrong result – either way! So I am waiting until I have the blood test done at my GPs. The last two days I have been feeling really tired, but I do wonder whether that is just because of all this waiting!

Alicante Part Two

This vlog was recorded on October 28th from our hotel balcony in Alicante. I tell you a bit more about the Hotel Maya where we are staying and what our plans are in our spare time. I explain what the news is from our donor and when Ross has to go in to give his sample in order to start the fertilisation process and the fact that I am going to need another scan. I also give details of when our potential transfer date is.

Thank you for watching xx

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And then the fun began...


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