A Song for the Weekend #32 – Flower by Kylie Minogue

A Song for the Weekend #32 – Flower by Kylie Minogue

This week’s Song for the Weekend had to be a special one for me. With the last couple of weeks spent in Spain and our second round of egg donation treatment, plus the fact that The Fertility Show takes place in London this weekend, I wanted a song full of meaning. Flower by Kylie Minogue is that very song.

Written back in 2007 by Kylie and Steve Anderson of Brothers in Rhythm, it never made the final cut for her album at the time. She then recorded it at Abbey Studios in 2011 for the orchestral compilation album ‘The Abbey Road Sessions’ and was then released as a single in September 2012. It was written whilst she was going through treatment for breast cancer as a love song to the child she may, or may not, ever have. Thereby hangs the meaning.

I was listening to this song regularly as I lay on a sunbed in Alicante and the lyrics “Distant child, my flower. Are you blowing in the breeze? Can you feel me as I breathe life into you?” to me, are a strong meaning of motherhood. Breathing life into our little embryo is as much as I can do right now.

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