Shirts That Make a Statement

Shirts That Make a Statement

One of the things I noticed about Ross when we first met was his ‘different’ sense of style. One of the first memories I have of this is of him wearing a highly inappropriate t-shirt to a Pantomime rehearsal in a hall full of children. I don’t believe he really thought about it, having never really been around kids that much. But I certainly did! 

He is the type of person who can go from wearing a very smart suit and tie one moment (and the shirt HAS to have the proper sleeves for cufflinks and stays in the collar) to wearing a tracksuit and a t shirt with some silly quote to wearing a very lairy outfit to perform on stage when he is singing with D-State. In fact, he recently bought himself a pair of gold trousers which I have advised people, on a regular basis, make him look like C3-PO! Grace commented that his last purchase looks like a pair of curtains! 

With all this in mind, I get a bit stuck when it comes to finding him a decent item of clothing as a gift for either his birthday or Christmas so, when Jacamoto got in touch with me to ask me to take a look at the shirts they had on offer, I decided to delve in and find five of the best which will stand out and suit Ross’ personality.


First up is this Joe Browns Vintage Print Western Shirt which retails at £40. I love Joe Browns and have a number of items of clothing from them myself. They are different enough to suit Ross’ wardrobe too!


This Floral Print shirt from Black Label has florals in pink and white. Ross has been known to wear a pink shirt or two in his time – I do wonder whether the floral decoration would be a step too far though! Priced at £30.


Another one from Joe Browns, this shirt is appropriately called a Script shirt. A perfect match for jeans, it has some text across the shoulder and inner cuff – and may even have some space for song words, just in case! Priced at £40.


For the next pick, I decided to tone things down a little – although it doesn’t change the fact that there is some detail on this Dupe shirt by Black Label in the form of the cuffs and the collar and I rather like the buttons with the little crosses on them. This would look great for an evening out or a more casual trip to an office. A great buy at £18.


Finally, yep, you guessed it – another Joe Browns pick! This Mix It Up shirt sort of gives you the best of both worlds! It is made from a soft-feel two-way check fabric, and, if you roll up the sleeves, you will see the opposite check on the reverse. This one is priced at £45.

Knowing how picky Ross is about his clothes, I am not certain if he would like any of these.  Although, with the fact that most of these shirts make a statement, I am sure that at least one of them would make the grade! 


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