An Interview with Hazell Dean at Rewind South 2016

An Interview with Hazell Dean at Rewind South 2016

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of interviewing the wonderful Hazell Dean over the phone. I really enjoyed speaking to her and I was looking forward to meeting with her face to face at Rewind South – and I was very pleased to learn that she remembered me because I had asked ‘some really interesting questions’.

Hazell Dean established her reputation as undisputed “Queen of Hi-NRG” with her debut single “Searchin’” and went on to score the first top 5 single for Stock, Aitken & Waterman with “Whatever I do”. This was followed with a succession of massive club and dance hits which crossed successfully into the mainstream charts during the 1980’s including “Who’s leaving Who”, “Maybe” and “Turn it into Love”. She recently introduced me to some of her newer material including a song called ‘Judgement Day’ which is now regularly makes an appearance on my latest playlist.

Hazell Dean_003L by Victoria Hope Photography

In this interview, I put 5 questions to Hazell which she answers enthusiastically – with some help from her charismatic daughter and Mr Beaky. 

Hazell Dean_001L by Victoria Hope Photography


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