A Song for the Weekend #24 Grace by Simon Webbe

A Song for the Weekend #24 Grace by Simon Webbe

Way back when Grace was small and I had just left her father and was going through a really difficult time, a song came along which meant something really special to me. In fact, there were many songs that got me through and helped me to affirm my feelings and then move on. They were like virtual stepping stones.

But this particular song had a lot of meaning. I wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t eating properly and the panic attacks came along on a regular basis. Grace was the person who helped me see what I had been going through and why it was so wrong. She was the one I had to have strength and protect with all my might now I was a mother. She was the one who got me through and stopped me going under. 

Now, whenever I need to remember those times – to understand just how strong a person I really am – I listen to Grace by Simon Webbe. It is a song with true meaning for me, it builds me right back up again. 

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