An Interview with Toyah at Rewind South 2016

An Interview with Toyah at Rewind South 2016

Once again this year, Ross and I had the pleasure of interviewing a number of acts at Rewind South. This is our sixth year of attending this family-friendly, feel-good festival and, despite the number of times we have been, there were still a number of artists that we had not yet had a chance to speak with.

Toyah Wilcox was a lady who I had a respectful fear of (if that makes sense?!). She was definitely different and, to me, was definitely the first instance of ‘girl power’ that I came across. Famous not only for her hits ‘It’s a Mystery’ and ‘I Want To Be Free’, she also had incredible individual style. Her career has spanned over 38 years Toyah is a uniquely gifted performer. Charismatic, outspoken and impossible to categorise, she is one of Britain’s iconic household names – an award-winning rock legend as well as a much-loved actress and music composer. In 2014 she topped the Itunes Rock chart with her American band The Humans. This year see’s more releases and more touring!

Toyah_006L by Victoria Hope Photography

In this interview, I put 5 questions to Toyah – with very interesting responses and a surprise appearance from Ross at the end with an anecdote which meant he received an invite which he wished he didn’t have to refuse! 

An Interview with Toyah at Rewind South 2016


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  1. September 10, 2016 / 1:09 pm

    Love love love love love this! I’ve met Toyah a few times now and she has such an amazing presence whether talking one-to-one or to a crowd. Amazing lady, I’m so pleased you got to do this interview! 🙂 xox

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