A Song for the Weekend #23 The Other Side of Summer by Elvis Costello

A Song for the Weekend #23 The Other Side of Summer by Elvis Costello

One of my most favourite artists – of whom I haven’t mentioned yet on A Song for the Weekend – is Elvis Costello. Born Declan McManus, I initially loved ‘Olivers Army’ when it came out back in 1979 (it did help that it is also one of my brother’s names!). 

Fast forward around 15 years and I started to take note of a number of his albums that had been released over the years. The first was ‘Blood and Chocolate’ and two of my favourite tracks were ‘Uncomplicated’ and ‘I Want You’. The albums ‘Spike’ and Mighty Like a Rose’ were two of my other regular favourites and it is from the latter that ‘The Other Side of Summer’ is taken.

I don’t what it is about Costello, but he has such passion in his writing. His lyrics are very well written and meaningful and I have recently started to listen to an audio biography book of his life – read by him. It is a fascinating account. He has worked with a number of well-known artists including Paul McCartney – and I shall share the song they recorded together another time! 

Elvis Costello is definitely someone I draw inspiration from when writing lyrics or poetry, and here is this week’s Song for the Weekend. Enjoy!

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