A Lost Love #SummerLove16

A Lost Love #SummerLove16

Back in July, on my ‘A Summer of Love’ poem, I launched a summer-long series of posts called ‘The Summer of Love’ and I now have a number of people who have come forward and I am pleased to say that I have filled my one post a week slot. I explained that the love can be about your partner, husband or wife, the love for your children, your pets, your hobbies and, well, anything really! It can be a straight piece of writing or in poetry or photograph form. So today, this is my final guest post of the series for this year. 

So far I have featured Louise from Little Hearts, Big Love and her poem, Karen from Two Tiny Hands and her family travel adventures and Louise from Touchline Dad and Mother in the Middle and her thoughts on the holidays now her children are older and Jules from Pondering Parenthood with the story on how she met her husband. Last week, I shared a post from one of Prose for Thought’s regular linkers, Tracey from One Frazzled Mum all about the start of possible love. Here, this week, she shares a piece of writing about love coming to an end. 

I would like to say a big thank you to all of my guest posters this summer – and I am hoping to repeat this again next year.

A Lost Love

We stood there.

Side by side.

Close but so far apart.

The distance between us a gaping chasm.

No words were uttered just sneaking glances back and forth.

No malice, just sadness.

I watched her go.

Head hung low, her dirty blonde hair sashayed as she walked away from me.

Her hands and heart full.

Little hands intertwined, locked into hers.

A new life, a new chapter.

Without me.

Without us.

And I just watched her walk away.

The distance grew physically and metaphorically.

It was then I knew, then I realised.

That the dreams we had had blossomed into reality.

But we weren’t ready, able or prepared back then, all those years ago.

For what was and what was going to be.

We were too young you see.

Inexperienced, naive, barely out of our teenage years.

Unprepared for the world, growing up, for it all.

We didn’t know how to do it, how to change, adapt, evolve.

We were just us, and for a time we were happy together, a pair.

But then it hit us, lightening struck our very foundations.

A broken bond and a harsh reality we were unprepared for.

Childhood crushes replaced by grown up love.

Our heads and hearts struggled to cope.

We broke. Ripped apart until we were no more.

Then new love bore a new life. Our new life bore life itself.

The heartbeat inside me grew stronger, and stronger still as we drifted apart.

Tearing us from each other, both not knowing how to or wanting to mend the fissures left behind.

And so we let us break.

One by one we snapped all our ties.

Our life, our memories.

Until all that was left was the past.

The future, our future erased, gone, severed.

The emptiness invaded it’s space and built a a wall between us.

Neither of managed to scale it.

Neither of us tried.

And there it remains.

I watch her as she walks away from me once again.

My heart breaks just a little bit more.


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