How to Survive ‘Carmeggedon’ This Bank Holiday Weekend

How to Survive ‘Carmeggedon’ This Bank Holiday Weekend

In a few days time we will be off on our family break for the final week of the summer holidays – and, of course, we have chosen a Bank Holiday weekend on which to travel! The weather forecast – for a change – is a good one with some temperatures due to hit 29°C, add in the disruptive engineering works on the trainlines and lots of people deciding to Staycation in the UK and you are looking at some of the worst traffic jams for 10 years! (Let’s hope that none of this lot is near us!).

With this in mind, Little Chef, one of this country’s most recognisable roadside cafés, is recommending that we use the ‘A’ roads, to avoid some of the worst tailbacks, and to be closer to some of the best day out opportunities that the UK can offer. I am all for that and, in fact, I had planned our route to take this into consideration.

On top of that, Little Chef have also come up with some great ways to make the best of a long car journey. Their tips are are as follows:

  • Put on a happy face. Try smiling, even if you’re faking it.  Research suggests that going through the motions of smiling may reduce the intensity of your body’s stress response.  Smile like Charlie, the Little Chef mascot.
  • Entertain the kids – work on the basis that whatever you’ve brought along to keep the kids occupied may not last as long as you need it to.  So pack at least one extra toy or game. You can add your own versions of ‘name that tune’, 20 questions, naming films that your favourite actors have been in, or singing all the songs of your favourite bands.
  • Call someone you’ve not had time to speak to recently (on the hands-free of course!)
  • Switch off the Sat Nav – who wants to hear constant repeats of ‘traffic jams ahead’
  • Stock up – take enough water and satisfying snacks
  • Keep the car cool – even if the air con can be energy hungry, it will keep tempers cooler all-round.

We also have some more of our own. These include:

  • Play the Alphabet Game. This is one of our family favourites and is a go to whenever we are getting bored. It is a great way to exercise your brain’s memory banks as well as learn the alphabet for younger children. We usually choose animals or food and have recently been known to go with pop songs and bands!
  • Make a CD of your favourite songs. Whenever we go away, we all pick our favourite songs of the moment and put them onto a CD which we can sing along to in the car.
  • Bring a Portable DVD player. Grace has had one of these since she was very little and it has been an invaluable possession of some of our longer car journeys as she watched some of her favourite films.

If you are off on your travels this Bank Holiday weekend then I hope you have found these tips helpful. If you have anymore then I would love to hear them so please share in the comments below.

This is a collaborative post with Little Chef.


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