Love at First Tweet #SummerLove16

Love at First Tweet #SummerLove16

Back in July, on my ‘A Summer of Love’ poem, I launched a summer-long series of posts called ‘The Summer of Love’ and I now have a number of people who have come forward and I am pleased to say that I have filled my one post a week slot. I explained that the love can be about your partner, husband or wife, the love for your children, your pets, your hobbies and, well, anything really! It can be a straight piece of writing or in poetry or photograph form. 

So far I have featured Louise from Little Hearts, Big Love and her poem, Karen from Two Tiny Hands and her family travel adventures and Louise from Touchline Dad and Mother in the Middle and her thoughts on the holidays now her children are older and Jules from Pondering Parenthood with the story on how she met her husband. This week, I am pleased to introduce you to one of Prose for Thought’s regular linkers, Tracey from One Frazzled Mum. Her short pieces of fiction always have me hooked and I am rather chuffed that she has written two pieces to feature – the first of which is below and the second will appear next week.

Love at First Tweet

She sat there at her desk in her dingy one bedroom apartment and rubbed her eyes. In the low light the magnolia walls looked dirty and grubby and made her want scrub the place clean despite it being almost 1am. The orange haze of the streetlight outside her living room, if you could call it that, window was beginning to give her a headache. She admitted defeat and put her laptop away for the night.

Yet as she settled down in bed, breathing in the cotton fresh fragrance on her newly washed sheets she closed her eyes and for the fifth night on the run attempted to close the book on Julietta and co and leave them on the pages of the novel that was long over due to be finished. From the way her new agent was acting you would think it was catastrophic disaster for mankind. Her career, bank balance and sanity yes but not end of the world.

But still Chloe’s mind raced. Juliette & co were refusing to budge from the forefront of her scrambled brain and let her sleep. There was nothing she could do. Her attempts at sleep were futile to say the least and she wasn’t really putting up a fight. The sooner this book was done the better she thought as she sat upright to swing her legs over the side of the sagging divan and into her slippers. Chloe massaged her temples as if the motion would scare away the words invading her mind and push them somewhere deep down and away until she was ready to make sense of them all.

She took herself to the sofa a mere 10 steps from her bed and opened the twitter app on her phone and got comfy under the quilted blanket her aunt Jeanette made her when she first left home.


James rubbed his bleary eyes and glanced over at the red numbers flashing on his digital alarm. He hadn’t even attempted to sleep again instead indulging in a Netflix marathon that he was pretty sure came close to the world record. Another productive day under his belt. Her words popped into his head again, he hadn’t slept since the day it happened and and each time he felt sick to his stomach. They told him it wasn’t his fault, he knew he couldn’t have stopped her but still 18 months later she haunted him every second of every day.

Out of habit he picked up his phone and pressed the little blue bird on the screen. Instantly he didn’t feel so alone, someone somewhere in the world was doing the exact same thing as he was as the exact same time. It was one of the reasons he loved the internet. He knew he would be lost without his phone but he lost a lot of friends the day it happened as he shut them all off. He couldn’t and still can’t deal with all the memories of before that they hold. The pain was too much.


Chloe scrolled through her timeline past the blog post shout outs, read me, read me they cried a little too frequently for her liking. She flicked away the ads and suggested likes and tried to find someone she was following. Since finding the insomniacs hashtag #icantsleep she found people she knew just got her. Of course it was her personal account not her official one, she had been adamant on that. She needed some privacy however mediocre it was and this was it.

Hitting search on #icantsleep Chloe scrolled through finding someone she recognised. It was then she saw @JJsWorld was online and tweeting randomness again. She had come across him before via the hashtag but for some reason she could never hit the follow button. Something about it scared her. It would be the first time interacting with another man since he left. The wounds too raw, like the bruises on her heart they still ached. Metaphorically of course the physical ones had healed months ago.

She scrolled past and decided to talk to @soniapjt again while she waited for the kettle to boil. She liked Sonia and knew she too would be awake and unable to sleep somewhere at the other end of the country according to her twitter location.


After being bored stupid reading the exploits of the Z list, James decided to search through the #icantsleep hashtag he started a little under 6 months ago. He was bored one night and decided to put it at the end of every tweet, kind of like a reason why he was tweeting such random rubbish. Not that he needed to but he liked it. Then one day someone replied. Not a someone who he knew or recognised but a stranger on the other side of the world who too was having sleep issues or lack thereof. Then another night another person and so on it went until he had inadvertently created a place where fellow insomniacs could chat on twitter.

He was proud of his little community, yet he kept it to himself not sure if people would understand so never used it until he was sure no one he knew in real life was online. Some people followed him, some didn’t like @Chloeez he has seen her tweeting yet despite interacting with the same people she had never once interacted with him. Tonight was a quiet night he thought, I might just pop her a tweet and say Hi!


@Chloeez #icantsleep tonight either, how long you been awake for?

Chloe just stared at the green flashing light on her new Samsung s7 in disbelief. She couldn’t ignore him could she? Or could she? She used this on her terms, hers and yet he’s just broken all of her self imposed rules. Her heart raced as she panicked over what to do.

Despite her self, it must be the tiredness she thought, Chloe hit reply,

@JJsWorld nearly 36 hours now you? #icantsleep


Chloe didn’t notice the sun come up. She had long since plugged her phone on charge and then unplugged it again. Once she replied that was it. She had let the barrier down little by little and had allowed herself to engage in a conversation with a man for the first time since him and she was sure she felt another bruise slowly begin to heal just a little bit more.

She had no idea what time it was but all of a sudden she was overcome with sheer exhaustion and a desire to sleep so willingly she allowed it in and succumbed to it’s will, goodnight James, goodnight she whispered to no one in particular.


James couldn’t help but smile. This was the quickest night he had been awake all the way through for a long time, yet his body didn’t feel as ravaged as usual, in fact he felt rather energised. He didn’t even flick the coffee pot on once he realised as he stood up to stretch out his legs.

Splashing water on his face in bathroom James peeked into the mirror. He was smiling. He stood there looking at himself for the longest time. Smiling, him. After a full night of having no sleep. It’s been a while since I saw this he thought as he touched his mouth as if he could just wipe it away, but he couldn’t. I didn’t budge.

He had arranged to speak to Chloe, obvious considering her twitter handle really, later on again tonight. He hoped she had gotten some sleep she had been quiet a little while and it sounded like she really needed it.

Yeah, he would tweet her later on he thought, Chloe………..I like that name. With that he sat down on his bed and waited for sleep to finally take him too.


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