5 Useful Items for Both Summer and Back to School #BacktoSchool

5 Useful Items for Both Summer and Back to School #BacktoSchool

Now the summer holidays are well underway, our thoughts are now turning to making sure that Grace has everything she needs ready to start her new school in September. I know that our local school clothes stockist has asked that all orders are placed by 19th August – which seems far too early still to be thinking about all of that stuff.

Whitby and Co recently contacted me and asked if I would have a look at some of their back to school products. I have to admit that we were actually looking for a pair of binoculars. The reason being that Grace has taken an interest in all of the nature photography I have been taking and, because she has her own camera, we have agreed to go out for a day to a couple of our local nature reserves and some binoculars would come in handy! But I digress. What I did want to look at were products which we might be able to put to good use now, and for them to then go on to be handy for back to school.

The Nite Ize ZipLit

NZL2-07-02 - ZipLit White LED Twin Pack

The ZipLit is a nifty little gadget. It is simple little illumination devicce which is easy to loop, cinch and attach to the end of most jackets, coats and back packs using a durable cord that is easy to loop.  It is encased in a durable, water-resistant plastic housing and has an L.E.D which is bright enough to provide instant visibility whenever you need it. Cost: £4.95

Summer Use: For camping trips or walking back to your accommodation after an evening meal.

Back to School Use: The perfect way to increase the personal safety of children walking to and from school.

Kid Kanteen with sport cap

K12CPPS-SP - 355ml Kid Kanteen Sport Sugar Plum

Klean Kanteen offers a solid solutions for children. Their Kid Kanteen line provides babies and young children with a healthy alternative to plastic and lined aluminium bottles. Cost: £13.95

Summer Use: Ideal for packed lunches, sports and trips out.

Back to School Use: Great as an every day water bottle or drink to accompany a packed lunch.

Nite Ize Helmet Marker Plus

HMP-03 - Helmet Marker Plus

The Helmet Marker Plus helps you get seen in either the dark or rough weather – or both! A strong velcro attachment ensures that it securely fastens to the back of your helmet and it’s bright red LED provides instant visibility. Features a passive reflective pattern for added safety. Cost: £10.95

Summer Use: Perfect for those late night bike rides as the nights start to draw in.

Back to School Use: Ideal for any school children who ride to and from school to provide better visibility.

Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insulated Food Canister

K8VCANISF-BS - 236ml Vac Ins Food Canister

Klean Kanteen’s have come up with an innovative way to transport food pretty much anywhere!  Built to replace a lifetime of throw-away plastic/ paper containers and bags, these Food Canisters are bulk-ready and their insulated canisters can keep things warm or cold. Cost: £29.95 and £32.95

Summer Use: For keeping food items lovely and cold

Back to School Use: Enabling you to provide your kids with a warm lunch

Nite Ize Microlock S Biner

LSBM-11-2R3 - MicroLock S-Biner Twin Pack Stainless

The S-Biner MicroLock is the perfect size to hold and organise keys to rings or for organising other smaller items. It also now has an added twist lever which means it locks perfectly and, as a result, prevents any unintended or accidental openings. Kids have a tendency to lose things and this could include their keys meaning this product from Nite Ize will give help to organise them a little better. Larger versions are also available which are ideal for attaching drinks bottles to bags. Cost: £4.95

Summer Use: When going away and holding things like your suitcase lock key or bike lock key

Back to School Use: For older children in order to keep their door key safe.

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