The Ultimate Camping Guide 2016

The Ultimate Camping Guide 2016

I have to admit that Camping isn’t really my idea of an ideal holiday. The faff of erecting a tent – believe me, I have been there on a number occasions – together with the feeling dirty and untidy and, of course, cold! It also doesn’t help that poor Ross needs to have proper bathroom facilities due to having his large intestine removed as a result of ulcerative colitis when he was younger. I can recall major issues with this when we went on holiday three years ago and stayed in a boathouse with a compost toilet – NOT good!

Anyway, camping doesn’t just have to be about tents and compost loos. There are plenty of other options open to the holidaymaker especially with the advent of glamping – and we most definitely would have taken this over the holiday camp nightmare which we suffered last year! 

In their wisdom, Halfords have brought out a booklet called the Ultimate Camping Guide. It is a handy A5 size full of information detailing all the tourist hotspots, campsites, cycle routes and events. It covers Scotland, the Lake District, Yorkshire, Wales, Norfolk, Gloucestershire, Devon and Cornwall.


The book is full of beautiful photos of each location and, on top of all this it helps you with information on entertaining the little ones, recipes, a festival survival guide and a camping checklist.

Something which I turned to was the beginners camping tips. I think with all the camping nightmares I have previously experienced, I would now put myself back to this level and here are just a few things they suggest:

Before you leave:

Choose the right tent – pick one for enough room for your group and make sure it’s comfortable
Practice pitching your tent – the rookie error which I definitely made!
Check the forecast – another rookie error of mine in the past!
Double check your checklist
Plan your route in advance


When you arrive:

Choose a pitch which is as flat as possible, preferably on higher ground
Don’t camp near to the toilets or taps – these tend to get water-logged, are noisy and can be smelly!
If on a slope, make sure your feet point downhill for the comfiest sleep
Close your tent’s insect net if camping near water
Make sure your tent door faces away from the wind
Dry your tent out before packing it away

I have to say, even just reading these (probably obvious) tips would make even the most novice camper like me a little more confident that I at least had some idea of what I was doing!

If you would like to find out more then, thanks to Halfords, you can go over to their site and download your very own Ultimate Camping Guide. Maybe I will give it try…one day!

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