Home Renovation If Money Were No Object

Home Renovation If Money Were No Object

I don’t know about you but, no matter where I have lived, I have always wished for better savings to carry out specific changes to a house to completely make it mine. The second house I ever owned needed some major work doing to it and, in the end, we realised that we took on more than we could handle – especially given the fact that the relationship I was in at the time was no solid enough to carry it all out. We sold it for a profit but it was nowhere near the end result that we had in mind.

Since moving to Somerset 3 years ago, we have made a few improvements to the house but nothing structural – although it has been something that Ross and I have discussed and may well carry out eventually, should funds allow.


The first thing we would be likely to do is upgrade our bathroom. At the moment, the shower in there is a bit pathetic and the lovely jacuzzi bath we thought we had is, well, a bit naff really. What we would really like is to extend the bathroom into the smallest bedroom (currently my office) and make it more family-friendly with a separate bath, stand-alone shower and possibly a separate room for the toilet – making it easier for the whole household. I would prefer to stick with the blue colour scheme which we already have and possibly look at some patterned tiling.


The biggest change we would look at making though is a loft conversion, adding an extra bedroom and en-suite bathroom together with dressing room or office space. It would, of course, mean a lot of work and general building construction – as well as the money!

We would have to find furniture which fits within the eaves but places like Simply Loft have plenty of solutions for this. We would also need to install windows in the roof area and find blinds to fit like the ones which the company VELUX provide.

To me, this would add so much more to our home than just monetary value. It would mean more space and privacy for Ross and I and it would free up the family bathroom and give Ross and I one of our own.

Best get on with winning the lottery then, eh?! 

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  1. August 9, 2016 / 12:19 pm

    we converted our attic into 2 bedrooms and converted the garage into a dining room, with 5 kids at home we employed a project manager to get the work completed as quickly as possible, to include laying wooden floors and decorating, we’re in the UK for a few weeks and been talking about our ‘forever home’ contemplating buying a wreck and having it done up before we return by professionals or returning and buying somewhere to do ourselves and live in a caravan in the garden

  2. August 9, 2016 / 6:26 am

    Have you ever had a quote for doing the conversion? Maybe it’s not as unaffordable as you might think. If funds were no object we would pull down half our house and rebuild it, probably double story and the front half would be restored to it’s original state as much as possible after restumping, re-wiring- re-roofing , de-cladding and on and on and on. Our house is a disaster and the only financially sane options are to rebuild or sell.

  3. August 5, 2016 / 9:53 pm

    Oh I am wishing you all the luck in the world for the lottery win. I would love a loft extension too, but we don’t even have much room up there ha! X
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