Finding a Solution to Your Holiday Nightmares with Luxury for Less

Finding a Solution to Your Holiday Nightmares with Luxury for Less

Over the years I have been lucky enough to travel to many different places on holiday and I have written about some of them over on my travel blog. On the whole I have had many positive experiences but unfortunately there have been a few ‘holidays from hell’ which stick in my mind.

Many of the holiday nightmares I have had involve family arguments – something I don’t really want to rake up! But there have also been a number which have been down to the accommodation itself. For example, there was a hotel which my family and I stayed in when I was in my teens where the fire alarm went off at 5am! As there were quite a few of us – I had 4 sisters and 2 brothers – our family were spread out over 3 rooms. I managed to get most of my siblings rounded up and picked up my sister who was much younger at the time. I carried her down the fire escape without realising that she had wet the bed…until I got to the bottom of the staircase! Then, my father, who was carrying my younger brother, injured himself when the bottom few steps of the fire escape broke! The hotel chain admitted the fault was there and provided us with vouchers which paid for our holiday the following year.

Then, there was the time where we stayed in a hotel in Devon and, one evening a rugby team turned up. They decided to have a bit of a party in the hotel pool and the following day you couldn’t swim in it due to the amount of hair! It has pretty much put me off pools ever since.

I think the biggest holiday horror we have had in recent years took place last summer. Funds were very limited last year so we decided to book a break with a well-known holiday camp via an online voucher site. We took the reviews with a pinch of salt but realised after around 15 minutes of being there we shouldn’t really have ignored them. I wrote a post after the event detailing the full horrors of our experience but, being the kind of family we are, we made the best of a bad lot and made many fond memories outside of the park.


Of course, we are hoping never to experience a bad break again and, to help combat this type of thing, Travelex have come up with the Luxury for Less tool as a solution. Ross and I use Skyscanner on a regular basis due to our fertility treatment being abroad and I am pleased to see that Luxury for Less has combined flights and hotels pricing powered by them, together with the Travelex exchange rate figures and the average spend of past holiday goers in a bid to assist users in creating a luxury holiday to suit their budget. It’s there to take the hard work out of holiday planning.

They look at the cost of everyday holiday spending items, such as wine (essential!), taxis and food. Then, the travel inspiration search engine helps people to pre-plan their spending money requirements. Great for people who are rubbish at accounting for their spending – like me! It works by letting you input your budget along with a few other essential factors  and lets you discover luxurious places to travel around the world without breaking the bank. Once you have chosen your dream holiday, you can then book your flights, hotel and get spending money ordered all through the Luxury for Less tool – taking away the stress and strain.

In a bid to understand what us Brits consider a luxury holiday, Travelex surveyed 1,000 people to see how they go about planning a big holiday and exactly what they wanted to get out of it. The research found that holiday-makes in the UK define a ‘luxury holiday’ as being switched off from internet and smartphone access (something I definitely intend to do this summer), the cost of the break being around £2,000 per person and staying in 5 star accommodation at a beach destination such as the Maldives.

And which destinations do you think came out on top as luxurious destinations? Well, top of the pile was The Maldives, followed by The Seychelles, then The Caribbean and, finally, Dubai. These are most definitely all places on my bucket list – none of which I have (yet) been lucky enough to visit.

This year it will be Polperro in Cornwall for us – and we fully intend to make the best of the experience, no matter what! Where are you off to this summer? And have you had any nightmare experiences? 

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