Getting the Festival Vibe with Bratz Dolls #BratzFest

Getting the Festival Vibe with Bratz Dolls #BratzFest

Grace is a big fan of her dolls and, in particular, she loves nothing more than playing a game with her Bratz. We have spent many an hour in her room making up different storylines such as going to the beach or school so, when we were offered the brand new Festival Vibe Bratz doll for a review to include the chance to make your own festival headband, receive and ‘Access All Areas’ pass, Grace was just a little bit happy! Her favourite doll from the new collection is Yasmin so she was even happier to find that this was what was in the package that we received. 

Bratz 5

The new Festival Vibe collection consists of five brand new Bratz dolls, each one inspired by their favourite choice in music. There is  Jade who loves electro-pop, Yasmin loves the 70s, Cloe loves American country rock, Sasha enjoys top 40 dance music and Raya loves a bit of retro jazz!

Yasmin, the doll Grace received, comes with her 70s inspired outfit, including flared trousers, crochet long vest, crop top and chunky boots. Her accessorises include a smartphone flower power glasses, feather earrings, and a fringe purse and she has a second outfit consisting of flared-sleeve top and shorts.

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One rainy afternoon last week, Grace and I sat down together to put her headband together. We received some pink and purple flowers, a band, some fabric glue and a glitter pen. The headband was really straightforward as the flowers had wire stalks so they wrapped around really easily.

Bratz 2

Grace Says

I really enjoyed making the flower headband – it is great to know that I have made something that I will actually wear. The craft bits which I got sent were really beautiful and the headband was easy to make. I shall definitely be using it.

Yasmin is really beautiful and unlike any of the Bratz I already have. I like her because she has a phone and I have always wanted a doll with a fun! Her outfits are great and definitely suit a festival – the one with the long trousers came be for the evening when it turns colder and the shorts outfit can be for during the day when it is warm. I love her hair – the purple highlights match all her clothes and would look great at a festival.

Bratz 3

I think that the wristband you get with the doll is a really clever idea. I hope lots of people don’t miss it and throw it away by mistake as it really adds to what you get for a festival.

I loved my AAA pass – it feels like you are actually at a festival so when I play it will mean I have something extra.

Overall I really like the set and I think it is clever how they have thought this through and put it together.

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Disclosure: Thank you to the people at Bratz and their representatives for sending us this package in return for a review. Please note that all words, images and opinions have been formed by the owner of this blog and have not been influenced in any way. Please do not reproduce any of the content or images on this post without prior agreement from Verily Victoria Vocalises.


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