7 Reasons Why Protein Rules

7 Reasons Why Protein Rules

Ask any bodybuilder or health fanatic you know about protein and you’ll see their eyes light up with excitement. Protein is like the Holy Grail to many people. It is a vital nutrient that is necessary for cell and muscle growth and it aids many biological functions to ensure proper function. It is so beneficial for optimal health that it is easy to see why people are gulping it down. Here are seven other reasons why you should consider adding more protein into your diet.

1. Maintain Proper Levels of the Macronutrient

Unlike other nutrients, your body doesn’t maintain stores of protein. This means you need to provide it with a constant stream of protein from the foods you eat. If you eat too little, your body won’t have all of the protein it needs to function properly. If you eat too much, your body will have trouble maintaining proper function because it has to work harder to remove excess nitrogen waste products from your blood. You may also pack on more weight than you want.

2. Sustain Energy and Body Functions

If you think that the reason you are able to find the energy you need to keep going when you are bone tired is motivation, think again. Your body uses protein to grow and sustain itself. When you eat too little of it, you may feel sluggish, fatigued, have trouble maintaining a healthy weight, and have a higher risk of developing diabetes.

3. Smaller Appetite

If you want to lose weight and want to feel less hungry in the process, you may want to add more protein into your diet. Protein keeps you feeling fuller longer so you’ll eat less food, and it has less calories so you won’t have to worry about counteracting your weight loss efforts.

4. Build More Muscle Mass

Regardless of how much you workout, at some point you may need to use some type of supplementation to increase your muscle mass. Protein can be found naturally in many kinds of foods, such as in beans and certain meats. There are powders, shakes, and other forms of supplemental protein you can take that are equally beneficial in helping you to achieve your goals.

5. Reduces the Risk of Osteoporosis

People who do not have enough protein and calcium in their diets are risk of developing osteoporosis when they get older. This condition is the result of bone density loss which causes brittle bones and mobility issues. Regularly consuming high amounts of protein can help to stave off bone density loss and keep osteoporosis from occurring.

6. Improved Brain Function

In order for your brain to send, receive, and process chemical messages properly, you need to eat foods that are good sources of protein. Protein provides the building blocks for the chemical receptors in the body. It also provides the foundation for mental cognition, energy, and alertness.

7. Better Muscle Injury Recovery

Your body uses its muscles and tendons to facilitate and support your movements. When you strain them or injure yourself, your body needs time to repair itself. Eating a lot of protein regularly can ensure that your body is capable of repairing its muscles and tendons and it better conditions them so they are less susceptible to future injury.

Important Considerations

It is important for you to eat a fair amount of protein in order for you to live a healthy and productive life. The best way for you to get more protein into your diet is to purchase items from manufacturers that are known for producing plant-based products. Hampton Creek is one manufacturer that uses technology to infuse its food products with nutrients, such as protein.

Don’t just focus on getting all of your protein from one source. Eat a variety of foods that are high in protein so you can get more of the other vital nutrients as well. Popular protein-packed foods include beans, nuts, eggs, and dairy products. Change up the way you cook your protein. Avoid high temperatures because they may strip some of the nutrients from your food, and excessive heat may increase the amount of carcinogens that are in your food.
While maintaining a high protein diet can be very beneficial, don’t hesitate to consult with your GP before starting it. Also, research your approach before you start eating more protein. If you are trying to gain more muscle, make sure you are adding more protein into your diet the right way. There are guidelines you should follow to improve your success.

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