10 Quick tips for organising your studio apartment

10 Quick tips for organising your studio apartment

If you live in a studio, you probably know what it’s like to feel crowded out by your own possessions. You open your kitchen cupboards and dishes and utensils spill out. There are clothes all over the sofa. Yesterday’s shopping is still scattered across the tiny table that serves as your dining room. There’s barely enough room for you, and you don’t even want to think about inviting people round.

If you finding yourself wondering just where all this stuff is going to go, try some of these handy organisation tips – your flat will be looking great in no time.

1. Capitalise on cupboard space

If your cupboards don’t already have shelves, hooks and rails, it’s about time you installed some. You don’t need to be good at DIY either. From stackable shelves to sliding spice racks to stick on hooks, even your local supermarket will have handy gadgets to help you manage the chaos in your cupboards.

2. Hang pots and pans from the ceiling

All it takes is a simple rail and you can clear out a whole cupboard by hanging up bulky pots and pans. Just make sure they’re not too high to reach!

3. Hide your bin inside a cupboard

Following on from that… Nobody wants a smelly, unsightly bin drawing attention in any living space, never mind a small studio. Try one that clips onto the back of a cupboard door. Stow it away with the cleaning supplies under your sink.

4. Strategic shelving

Ditch the bulky free-standing shelves that take up precious floor space. Have some corner shelving fitted, or put up some overhead shelves that line the top of your walls are the way to go.


5. Buy a magnetic knife holder

Kitchen counters and drawers are some of the worst places for clutter. A magnetic knife strip, attached to a wall or cupboard door, will free up some space and stop your knives from getting lost.

6. Invest in multipurpose furniture

Whether it’s a storage chest disguised as a coffee table, or a bed with drawers underneath, this is a great way tidy things away without the need for an awkward, bulky storage unit.

7. Gather up loose electric cords in a cable tidy

Tangled cords don’t make a pretty sight and they can also be a trip hazard. Use a cable tidy — you can even get them in quirky shapes and bright colours — to hide away the wires round your TV and other appliances.

8. Divide up your drawers

Drawer dividers will only set you back a couple of pounds. You can even make your own. Either way, you’ll be impressed by how much more you can fit into drawers.

9. Hang utensils on a pegboard

You might expect to find one of these in your dad’s garage, not your apartment, but a pegboard is an easy way to hang up just about anything, particularly your kitchen utensils. Paint it a fun colour and mount on the wall, or else add it inside another cupboard door.

10. Start using a shoe rack

Buy a small shoe rack and place it near your door so you never lose your most worn shoes. Better still, get into the habit of taking your shoes off when you get home, and you’ll have a cleaner floor too.

It’s hard to motivate yourself to tackle the mess, but de-cluttering is just as good for you as it is for your flat, so get to it!

Images by Suzette, Dee Speed, and Jessica Fless- Hill, used under the Creative Commons licence.

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