How Studying Can Boost Your Self-Esteem

How Studying Can Boost Your Self-Esteem

Your self-esteem can significantly affect your quality of life. Those who have good self-esteem tend to be more confident, look after themselves better and generally get more out of life because they do not tend to settle for less than they deserve. On the other hand, people with low self-esteem may experience emotional and mental health problems and neglect themselves more, leading to issues with confidence and even physical health issues in some cases. There are many things you can do in order to give your self-esteem a boost, and perhaps surprisingly, studying is one of them.

How Studying Helps

Have you ever achieved a really great grade on a test and felt really proud of yourself? Setting yourself goals, whether they be personal, career, or education oriented, and achieving them can be a massive booster for your self-esteem. Studies suggest that adults who continue learning long after they finish school experience a better quality of life and better well-being. This is perhaps why online learning courses, such as the Doctorate of Nursing online course from Bradley University, are so popular with mature students. Studying allows you to set goals and achieve them, resulting in you feeling great about yourself and proud of what you have achieved.

Career Enhancement

There’s nothing like landing a coveted promotion at work or pay rise by your employer to give your self-esteem a boost. When it comes to progressing in your career, those who’ve been working at the same level for a long period of time can often begin to feel a bit deflated due to having nothing to work towards. Studying and advancing your education can lead to better career prospects and promotions in the workplace – for example, a registered nurse can study a DNP online to become a Doctor of Nursing Practice, a qualification that leads to a multitude of opportunities for promotion and progression.

Pride in Yourself

Setting yourself goals and achieving them is one of the best ways to improve your self-esteem. As you begin to achieve more of the goal you set for yourself, your self-esteem and self-confidence will grow. With this increase in self-confidence, you’ll be able to set increasingly difficult goals for yourself, and you may surprise yourself when you discover just what you are capable of. Studying is a great way to do this, as there are so many different levels of study – you can start off at a low, easy level and progress to harder courses and levels as you gain knowledge and confidence.

Low self-esteem is sadly quite common. If you feel that your self-esteem could do with a boost, learning new things or enrolling on a study course can be a great way to achieve this.

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