Guess the Children’s Celebrity Drawings

Guess the Children’s Celebrity Drawings

I have always loved children’s drawings and their depiction of how they see the world. You know what I mean, those funny stick drawings with hands which look like a bunch of bananas and the most curious bodies you will ever see.

Grace has always been pretty creative when it comes things like this. Her artwork does not go unnoticed in this house and her latest craze is pugs. We have a number of doors in our house – both upstairs and down – where she has stuck up a notice advertising her ‘pug of the season’ drawings on sale for 50p each. We have also had drawings for the sale of Kacy, Kitty and FiFi the Koalas together with their accessories such as different clothes.

One of my most favourite drawings Grace has done was in one of her school books back in Reception. It was a picture of her with me and Ross and was one of the first times she had drawn the 3 of us in a picture together.

When I heard that SunLife had put together a quiz by using some young ‘artists’ – aka nursery school children – to provide their interpretation of different celebrities in a drawing, I was intrigued! They are putting our knowledge to the test on pictures of a number of well- celebrities in a quiz using the children’s drawings. In total there are 9 celebrities using the creative spin and I wanted to see how well I did.

These are just some of the drawings included:

Drawing 4

Drawing 5

Drawing 6

I do enjoy the fact that we see the world a lot differently than children do. Artwork from them tends to be far more imaginary and full of ‘extras’. My favourite was definitely drawing 6. Very majestic! 

I have to admit that I did OK with 6 out of 9. See if you can beat me and guess who they are by going over to the SunLife Direct website and taking the test! 

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