The Conception Diaries #19 – Ross Shares His Thoughts Part 2

The Conception Diaries #19 – Ross Shares His Thoughts Part 2

Welcome to the nineteenth episode in my series of vlogs, ‘The Conception Diaries’. If you would like to catch up on previous episodes then please visit my playlist on YouTube.

Regular followers of my vlogs and blog will know by now that the egg donor treatment we had carried out at the beginning of March sadly did not work. If you would like to listen to the full story of what happened then you can hear me talk about this on this episode of the Meet the Parents Podcast.

In this vlog, Ross once again shares his thoughts of impending fatherhood. He says what it feels like to have conceived a child outside of the norm, and his shares more of his thoughts about step-dads and compares them to what he feels a biological dad should be. I have to admit that, watching this back, it broke my heart a little bit more.

Thank you for watching xx

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  1. May 22, 2016 / 9:45 pm

    Ah. I’m loving Ross’s two rules for life. Very wise. I’m glad he elaborated on the whole step parent thing because as I was listening to the description of the way he has bonded with Grace I began feeling very uneasy about the lack of bonding I now have with my 12 year old step daughter (who I’ve known since she was 2). So yes, I’m glad he acknowledged (albeit from the point of view of a step-dad) that it’s not always possible to form a close bond because of a specific set of circumstances whereby the child in question has (in this case) a ridiculously close bond with her mother, so much so that I always felt awkward about the possibility of over-stepping the line of acceptable ‘mothering’ when she was in our care. The other factor was that she simply didn’t spend very much time with us at all – with the husband being a shift worker we didn’t have the whole every other weekend thing even. Then once we had our own children and she was that bit older she began choosing sleepovers with friends and other activities over spending time with us. I feel like I hardly know her at all now and sadly she isn’t close to her brothers (my children) either. I do feel a bit guilty about that in some ways, like I should have done more but in reality those decisions were always out of my hands – I was always the last person to get a say in the contact arrangement and things weren’t particularly amicable between her own mother and father. Anyway, I’m really sorry that Ross (and you of course) had all these feelings and hopes and dreams stirred up only to find yourselves back to square one. Ross is obviously a great dad to Grace and he could definitely give my ex some pointers (in fact his two rules for life would be a great start!!). Xxx

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