Song for the Weekend #12 – Partyman by Prince

Song for the Weekend #12 – Partyman by Prince

It was the summer of 1989. I had just recently got my first car with it’s very own tape player and I had a summer job in HMV in Swan Lane, Guildford (long since gone). My album soundtrack of the year was, without a doubt, Prince’s ‘Batman’. It was written for the brand new film starring Michael Keaton, Kim Basinger and the infamous performance of The Joker by Jack Nickolson. Shear brilliance! 

The album was not only played repeatedly in the store every day over their shop speakers but it was also on my tape deck to and from my drive to work. I loved it. The mixture of songs was fabulous and, by the time I went to the cinema to see the film, I knew every word to every song.

Probably my most favourite scene from the film is the one below where The Joker and his cronies had taken over an art museum to meet with Vicki Vale, the reporter. The song ‘Partyman’ by Prince plays as they enter and go about de-facing the art work. 

With the sad death of Prince yesterday, I have been re-visiting some of his back catalogue. That man was such a talent with a brilliant voice. He will be missed.

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