The Conception Diaries #12 – Friday 15th January 2016

The Conception Diaries #12 – Friday 15th January 2016

Welcome to the twelfth episode in my series of vlogs, ‘The Conception Diaries’.

Following our huge disappointment of last week, I have now decided to pick myself back up again and wrote a poem on Wednesday to help me to do this. I also recorded a Podcast on Wednesday evening for Meet the Parents and filled everyone in on what happened in Cyprus and the events after this. You can listen to this next Thursday.

In this video I tell you that we have finally filled in the form to apply for our egg donation treatment. I explain what was needed to help choose our donor, the rest of the procedures surrounding this, details of where we will be staying and what else is needed for our trip to Cyprus. I also tell you about my thoughts and feelings on leaving Grace. Not an easy thing to do.

Thank you for watching xx

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