A Way – Day 1 of National Poetry Writing Month #NaPoWriMo

A Way – Day 1 of National Poetry Writing Month #NaPoWriMo

My first poem for National Poetry Writing Month using the words steel, theory, saving, imitation and chisel.

A Way

I have nerves of steel
My intentions they stand firm
What other choice do I have?
I can’t go back, I must go on
There is no other way

Entering the pits of despair
This gets you nowhere
That is my theory
I must go on, keep on trying
This is my way

I have the things that keep me sane
These are my saving graces
These are what get me through
Keep on trying, don’t look back
Now I see a way

An imitation of who I used to be
A different fight but the resolve remains
Drawing on my strength of the past
Don’t look back, use what I know
There is always a way

A slow process, time almost stands still
Gradually I will chisel a new goal
Carve the pathway towards my future
Use what I know, durability will win
I will find a way

Victoria Welton 1st April 2016


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