The Meet and Greet Service from Purple Parking

The Meet and Greet Service from Purple Parking

As many of you know, Ross and I recently went over to Cyprus for what was always going to be quite stress-filled visit – so we looked at all of the options for the trip to make sure that there was as little hassle involved as possible, especially for the way back since we wanted to ensure that it was minimal stress and we didn’t want any undue exertions.

We had everything arranged to get us from Gatwick to Cyprus and everything being handled over there by the egg donation company but we still had to get ourselves from Somerset to Gatwick. The initial question was train or car? Train had the upside of taking away any parking issues and getting us directly into the airport but it had several substantial downsides. Firstly, it was considerably more expensive. Secondly, it took nearly 40% longer. Thirdly, we would be beholden to their timetable rather than hitting the road when we were ready. Finally, lugging our luggage on and off trains at changes and all over the shop isn’t our idea of keeping the strain limited.

Really, car seemed to have everything going for it except for one thing – where do you put it once you get to the airport?!

Parking a car for a week can be pretty expensive, as well as not entirely hassle-free since you’ve got to locate the damn thing once you get back off a plane. If you’re getting back late, as we were, that’s the last thing you want to muck around with. Lumping your luggage halfway across a massive great car park isn’t great either. Some of the park and rides were ok but there would still be the issue of waiting around for the transit to get there. It’s not the end of the world but it’s not ideal.

What we did find to be ideal, however, was Purple Parking’s Meet and Greet service – it took every one of these stresses away and was something Ross and I hugely appreciated. There’s really not much I can write about it because they really did very little in terms of interaction with us but it had such a big impact, I’ve got to give them huge praise.

When we were five minutes away from Gatwick, we called through to the company to let them know where we were. We pulled up right next to the departures entrance, got our bags out of the car and handed our car keys over to a Purple driver (not a purple driver – although that would have been cool) who gave us our collection receipt. That was IT. Off he went, off we went – about 100 metres to the check-in. It was superb.

Better still was the return. We got through customs quickly and called Purple whilst waiting for our checked luggage. The luggage came through more quickly than we’d anticipated so we thought we might end up waiting in the cold outside for a while but we had nothing to worry about on that front – as soon as we reached our pick up point (the same place as we’d left the car, a stone’s throw from the entrance), we saw our car ready for collection. We handed the Purple driver (still, sadly, not purple) our receipt, he gave us our keys and we were off on the road back to the hotel within seconds.

What else is there to say? Car parking and getting to and from it into the terminal could have been a frustration but, by using Purple Parking, it took a fraction of the time and eliminated all of the hassle. It’s definitely something I wholeheartedly recommend to any of my readers – simple, fast and a huge stress-buster!


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  1. May 11, 2016 / 7:21 pm

    Thanks for sharing this. When travelling, I’m never really sure what type of services I can shop around for when it comes to making the whole process easier for me and my group, but something like this definitely sounds great. I’ll have to keep a look out next time I get a trip together.

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