The Ingenious Kidizoom Action Cam by VTech

The Ingenious Kidizoom Action Cam by VTech

VTech’s newest entry into the kid’s tech market is the ingenious Kidizoom Action Cam. It is, in effect, Go Pro for kids due to its robust manufacture – this is going to be one tough nut for overexcited children to crack. The waterproof case can be kept on if you feel your child is particularly likely to drop the device (and what kid hasn’t got a serious case of butterfingers if they’re beneath 10?!) so you can rest easy knowing that it’s unlikely you’re going to spend money on a product that will be reduced to components within half an hour.

The camera is good enough fun to keep ’em interested for a while and the photo effects add a little extra flavour to the proceedings. This is great for those children who aren’t old enough to be interested or ready for a ‘proper’ camera, even a straightforward and low-level digital cam.

Where the Kidizoom comes into its own is in videocamera mode. This isn’t something that most kids will have access to until they get their hands on a mobile phone – so this is ideal for those under tens who aren’t ready to be trusted with whichever version of the iPhone has been released this week but still want to join in with the rest of the world in attempting to video every moment of their life and upload it to Youtube (and storage and transfer is easy, by the way, by means of a microSD card slot).

Kidizoom Action Cam

Helping the fun are several accessories, including an adhesive mount, camera holder and – best of all – a BIKE MOUNT. What I wouldn’t have given for a bike mount when I was a kid! Although I probably would have taken a video of where I was going rather than what I assume modern era children will do – which is take videos of their reaction to cycling…

There’s a chance to set pictures to music, create brief montages of several snaps in a row, a colour LCD screen and it can be quickly and easily recharged via the USB cable (included). And for those kids who need extra occupation, there are even a few games included!

Features include

  • Take photos and movies and play games.
  • Comes with waterproof case for underwater photos and videos.
  • Mounts for attaching to a bike and to a helmet.
  • Add photo effects and create stop motion videos.
  • Time-lapse recording to capture selfie action shots.
  • Built-in battery.
  • 128MB internal memory, expandable with microSD (not included).

Recommended retail price is £49.99 and is suitable for children ages 5 to 12 years old.

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