Keep fit, keep it fun! Enjoy the sun and huge variety of sports during your holidays in Cancun

Keep fit, keep it fun! Enjoy the sun and huge variety of sports during your holidays in Cancun

The exotic settings of the Yucatan Peninsula where Cancun is located offer some of the best and most diverse activities. From thrill-driven adventure seekers to vacationers wanting a break from lazing around in their all inclusive resorts, the shores and attractions available make holidays in Cancun a perfect occasion to hone your skills in whatever sport you might be interested in. From watersports to golf to football and basketball, all bases are covered with some unique traits that can only be found in Cancun.


Since Cancun is a seaside destination, watersports take centre stage in most offers. Rent a boat and go sailing in the infinite blue of the Caribbean or the Atlantic Ocean or put on your diving gear, jump in the sea and explore the rich underwater landscape. The underwater museum, unique to Cancun is one of the main attractions to see if you like diving and the numerous reefs and diving expeditions on offer will make certain that you’ll never get bored. Surfing, kitesurfing and boogie boarding are all well represented as well, despite the mostly calm waters, with select spots offering good waves for novices and intermediate surfers.


Football, basketball and baseball fans rejoice! The main three sports enjoyed by the people of Cancun are well represented with world class stadiums and events for the ones who would like to spectate instead of participate. Cancun 86 stadium is the main place for football fans whereas the Estadio de Beisbol Beto Avila caters for the ones craving for a home run. A multitude of smaller stadiums and sport courts can be found throughout the area and resorts, making certain that you will find a place to practice your favourite pastime during your holidays in Cancun. If you want to keep up with your crossfit routine, Fitness Adventures is organising training sessions by a wonderful secluded beach providing you with all the amenities you might need such as fruit water and lunch and carrying you the designated training place and back.


Jungle tours

One of the attractions unique to Cancun are its tropical jungles. Book a tour and swim in the Cenotes or dive underwater and explore the massive Dos Ojos cave system. Hiking and cycling are always a good idea as the paths and routes around the area are of magnificent natural beauty and well worth the mosquito bites if you plan on exploring them during your holidays in Cancun. Hike around the spectacular and vast Chichen Itza ruins or climb the pyramids in Coba for an experience that will hardly be forgotten.


If golfing is your thing then prepare to be blown away as the stunning settings of Cancun meet some of the best courses Mexico has to offer. Pack your clubs and get ready for a full day of golfing under the warm Mexican sun. In case that you get tired, the on-site bars and restaurants will take good care of anything you might require to quench your thirst and hunger. The famous Iberostar Cancun Golf Club, situated next to the El Rey Mayan ruins is amongst the most serious contenders in the golf course game. The unique Pok-ta-Pok golf club, situated close to Mayan ruins as well and referring to a primitive ball game enjoyed by the Mayas along with the aforementioned are two of the most spectacular to name a few.

There’s no shortage of activities to do in Cancun. If you’re travelling with friends who aren’t as adventurous, then there is no problem. Cancun is the perfect destination to compromise on outings so everyone gets a chance to do something that’s just right for them.

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