A New Short Film Featuring Bob ‘Hardcore’ Holly Plus WIN 1 of 3 Copies of The Hardcore Truth

A New Short Film Featuring Bob ‘Hardcore’ Holly Plus WIN 1 of 3 Copies of The Hardcore Truth

Following my recent post about my involvement in the excellent short film ‘The Keys to our Mind‘, here’s another film project I was involved with last year in a behind-the-camera capacity – and this one features none other than WWE wrestling legend Bob ‘Hardcore’ Holly! (Keep reading until the end for a chance to win a free copy of the audio book of Bob’s autobiography).

“Thanks for Reading” reunites Bob with Ross Owen Williams – the team who brought you Bob’s excellent autobiography, The Hardcore Truth (buy it on Amazon!). It is a light-hearted look at the nature of celebrity and was great fun to be involved with. 

Thanks for Reading poster MASTER

I was in charge of sound recording for the shoot, which was held at Young’s gym in Portland, Dorset. It’s a great privately-owned gym which I’d thoroughly recommend to anybody based in Weymouth and Portland, and so spacious and airy that it actually created some challenges for us technically in terms of lighting and sound – it’s tough to focus on either when shooting in such a large, open space. However, aside from the inevitable cramp that comes with holding a boom pole for the majority of a day, everything went well in the end and both Bob and Ross (the writer, producer and director of the project) were very happy with what we got – and rightfully so. I’ve now seen a finished version of the short and it’s come out really well with colour grade by Arthur Cauty and sound guru Theo Holloway doing an excellent job mixing and editing everything I captured, as well as Dom Lenoir on hand as technical advisor through the shoot.


I have to say I was extremely impressed with Bob’s acting ability. He was such a natural and his timing is great. During his time in wrestling, he always played a somewhat serious and aggressive character so it’s a shame WWE never let him show anything more than this – they really missed the boat on that one. 


Ross is looking to enter the short into some film festivals soon and will put it on YouTube afterwards – with a running time of a little under 7 minutes, it’s an engaging and quick watch that I’d definitely recommend you going out of your way to take a look at when it’s made publicly available. 

And now a giveaway to celebrate the creativity of these two clever chaps!


Bob’s autobiography, The Hardcore Truth, is arguably one of the top 10 wrestling biographies written – it was the runner up for the Wrestling Observer Book of the Year award in 2013 and, over at Amazon.com, it’s currently the 8th most reviewed wrestling autobiography overall with well over 100 five-star reviews. Needless to say given these accolades, it’s a cracker – and now it’s available to HEAR as well as read!


ECW Press have collaborated with Audible in order to create an audiobook of this must-read (or, now, must-hear) no-holds-barred story of a regular guy building a long-standing career in the often crazy world of professional wrestling. Whilst it helps to be a fan of the grap game, it’s not a pre-requisite. I wouldn’t profess to being a wrestling fan but I found it an engaging read that offered a real insight into what these athletes go through. A word of warning though – there’s strong language from the off in this one, so think twice before buying it for the younger wrestling fan in your family!

Terms and conditions for the giveaway can be found here: The Hardcore TruthT&Cs for Giveaway

Win an Audio Copy of The Hardcore Truth

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