Locating the Hidden Sugar with the Change4Life App

Locating the Hidden Sugar with the Change4Life App

For over a year and a half now I have started to become more and more conscious of the food that our family eats. We have made positive changes to our diet and, whilst we still treat ourselves at the weekend, we are much more aware of how we fuel our bodies.

Around a year ago Grace decided to sign up for the Change4Life Sugar Swap challenge and opted to swap her  after school snacks to something healthier. To make it easier to stick to, they helped us to plan ahead and sent us a free pack including a shopping pad to list a week’s worth of healthier snacks.

If you haven’t heard of Change4Life, they are the government’s biggest obesity-tackling initiative. At the beginning of this year they launched a brand new campaign to help encourage parents to get ‘Sugar Smart’.

Did you know that four to ten year olds consume over 5,500 sugar cubes each year – which is the average weight of a five year old. Scary stuff!

The campaign is helping to educate both parents and children in avoiding lots of the ‘hidden sugars’ found in foods that are commonly available and enjoyed by children, so that they can make healthier choices as a family.

We all know that we live in an iPhone/Android/iPad world these days so, Change4Life has launched a new ‘Sugar Smart’ app, which scans product barcodes and shows the total sugar in each product in cubes and grams, revealing just how much sugar is hidden in the everyday food and drinks that kids consume. Change4Life have been working with singer and TV presenter, Jamelia. Take a look at the film which shows her using the app.

I have to say that after downloading the app, I have been pleasantly surprised. Not only because it is full of information about sugar and how it affects your diet but because of how easy it is to use. All you need to do is show a barcode to you camera and the app automatically scans it and then registers the product’s sugar content.

Sugar Smart App

It is also convenient because you would generally have your phone with you when you are out shopping. The Sugar Smart App allows you to scan over 75,000 every day food and drink items to see how many 4 gram sugar cubes it contains. On top of all that it also stores the history of all the items you have scanned.

Change4Life App

The app is totally free and available for download from both the App Store and Google Play for Android. Definitely a worthwhile use of your phone’s storage capacity.

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  1. January 27, 2016 / 8:30 pm

    Oh I think I need to download this app, I am trying to make sure my family eat healthier and while I always check fat and salt content I rarely check sugar. My teen daughter has so many sweet things it is scary xx

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