The Ultimate Hotel Tips for Having Some of the Best and Most Cost Efficient Holidays in Lanzarote

The Ultimate Hotel Tips for Having Some of the Best and Most Cost Efficient Holidays in Lanzarote

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As many will attest, the volcanic land of Lanzarote is a great setting full of excitement for any kind of holidays that you might want to organise. However, sometimes a great vacation might turn sour if you book without looking. Of course sometimes the overexcitement of packing bags and daydreaming about some sun soaked days away from the manic everyday life may lead to some hasty decisions which might ruin our sunny getaway. Thus in this article we have compiled some of the best tips we could give based on experience, in order to enjoy your well-deserved holidays in Lanzarote without resorting to shoddy hotels and rooms to let.

Book Early!

As with anything else, the best deals to be had are available when you book early. Finding a perfect deal two weeks before you fly would be great but if you leave it for last minute that’s when things usually go wrong.

Read before booking

Holidays in Lanzarote can be a daunting task to organise, especially with every second Lanzarote hotel offering a ‘good’ deal. However, if you go through the extra trouble of looking a bit further you could always discover a deal that most people are unaware of. A small google search can go a long way in keeping your wallet (mostly) intact, by avoiding some hotels which in pictures might look far better than what reviews from guests on the according websites might suggest.

Internet reviews

As with anything else, reviews might vary on each individual’s experience. However, if you don’t have someone you know who’s already been on holidays to Lanzarote, the next best thing is to look at lots of reviews of Lanzarote hotels and shape an overall opinion about your intended accommodation before booking.


Book your room and airfare together

Most travel agents offer great deals if you book flights and hotels through their providers which could also lead to a more cost efficient holiday in Lanzarote. Some providers also offer limited deals if you are a return customer or through their social media pages, so it would be good if you kept an eye out on Facebook or even YouTube in between watching cat videos.

Deals and tickets

Most well-known resorts and travel companies offer all-inclusive packages with tour and entry tickets to a multitude of museums and events. Make the most of your holidays in Lanzarote by straying from the shelter of your resort and exploring. Tired of the mainstream Lanzarote playas? Ask your hotel staff about nearby beaches as most of them are local or have been around long enough to guide you to some hidden gems!

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