Introducing the First of the New #PoCoLo Hosts – Stephanie from Life at 139a

Introducing the First of the New #PoCoLo Hosts – Stephanie from Life at 139a

As per my last #PoCoLo post on Friday, I am pleased to say that I have found two great new blogger hosts for the Post Comment Love linky. I wanted to make sure that two people shared the load.

I asked both bloggers to write an introductory post telling people who they were so, in the first of two posts, Stephanie from Life at 139a is here to tell you a bit more. She blogs about life in general and that includes homes and gardens, interiors, gardening, days out, cycling and crafting. All the things she loves. She has been a regular linker and knows how PoCoLo works. Find her on Twitter @LifeAt139a

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It’s funny isn’t it, when Vicky said about a post to introduce myself I readily agreed, but now I’m sat here writing, or trying to write it I’ve no idea what to say, or how to start. Typical.

I’m not usually lost for words.

So I started a list, because well I am rather partial to a list, or thinking on paper as I call it. And then it struck me that the list could be my post as it reflects who I am. So here goes. 


  • A South London girl born and bred.
  • Have been in our house in Greenwich for thirteen years now, and it’s gone so quickly,
  • Married to MOH for 8 years. You’ll know that to mean My Other Half, he and his work colleagues have deemed it to stand for Man Of the House, yes of course it does dear…
  • No kids. No pets, but previous mad-cat-lady tendencies.  
  • One garden, one allotment, both in need of care and attention. 


  • Lists, infact I have lists of my lists. No really I do. 
  • Shoes, just don’t ask me to count how many.
  • Smiling. I smile a lot. That’s good, I think.
  • My lovely bike, complete with the all important wicker basket – it was love at first sight when I bought it in January this year, and what prompted my first cycling holiday. 
  • A cup of tea, or two. And a slice of cake to go with it is always welcomed. 
  • Organising things and detail; I always have a plan on the go and sometimes I even start to put them into action…
  • Crafting and being creative, infact I’d forgotten just how much I enjoy this.  
  • Blogging, it seems I always have photos to share from what I’ve been up to or places I’ve been. My blog is approaching three years old and it’s changed quite a bit from when I started. I’ve also ‘met’ so many fab and friendly people through it.  


  • The hidden parts of London and the area where I live, sometimes by bike often on foot, sometimes alone often with MOH and combined with lunch or dinner. Although now I’ve returned to work full-time these are (mostly) restricted to weekends. 
  • Nofolk where my parents moved to after escaping South London and somewhere I could live. It is beautiful, has big skies and has a totally different pace of life. 
  • The West Country, another beautiful part of the world with so much to see and luckily where we have family too. 
  • This year we cycled through Bavaria covering 250+ km in just six days, not bad for a novice cyclist – I only got back into cycling this year! I’m already planning how we can cycle the Loire valley in France and how we (I) can organise this ourselves and survive with a pannier-worth of clothes. It’s do-able but it needs to be a summer cycle so I can fit everything in!
  • Current planning a big trip for 2017 when we’re celebrating our 110th – our 50th birthdays and ten years of marriage. It’s going to be a big year for us!

So yes, that’s me. I’m very much looking forward to taking over as co-host of PoCoLo with Morgan in the New Year. It won’t be easy to follow in Vicky’s footsteps but I know we’ll both be working hard to ensure PoCoLo remains the successful and friendly linky it is today. I’m looking forward too, to getting to know many more of the PoCoLo linkers through reading their blogs. Merry Christmas everyone!


Thank you so much for taking over the reins Steph and Morgan. You will be a great hosts 🙂 

Don’t forget last Friday’s #PoCoLo is open right up until Christmas Eve so you still have time to link to my last one! I shall do the rounds on the reading just after Christmas.

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  1. December 22, 2015 / 6:25 pm

    Thanks Vicky – sending love and wishing you a fabulous Christmas xx

  2. December 22, 2015 / 1:11 pm

    Great that you are passing the baton on. Wishing you an amazing and fun filled Christmas, Mich x

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