The Keys to Our Mind – a Short Film in Support of Alzheimers Research UK

The Keys to Our Mind – a Short Film in Support of Alzheimers Research UK

I am pleased to be able to ‘officially’ unveil the poster for this excellent short film, soon to be released – and I’m thrilled that they’ve used my photo as the main shot.

This one’s going to be a departure from my usual sort of post – this one is dipping into the glamorous (or, often, not so glamorous!) world of film.

Many of you know that I’ve dabbled in acting from time to time (my showreel is here, for anybody who might be interested in having a watch) but, this year, I’ve found myself behind the camera more than on it. Whilst I had a bigger hand in the making of a short film featuring pro-wrestler Bob ‘Hardcore’ Holly (more on that later in the year!), I was fortunate enough to be involved a little with a fantastic short film called The Keys to Our Mind, which is about a younger man suffering from early-onset dementia – and the impact his condition has on his marriage.

The Keys to Our Mind Cast and Crew

How many of you have found yourselves perplexed for a considerable time as to where your keys or glasses have gone? It’s something I find happening and then get frustrated, thinking “this is for somebody in their 80s, not somebody in their 40s!” When it happens more regularly, you start to think “is something going wrong with my mind?” Fortunately, I can usually remember where I’ve put things before too long but, still, it’s an alarming wake-up call about how it must feel to be in this situation permanently – and more alarming still to think that it can strike at any time, even in people you think are far too young for it to take a hold over.

I’ve seen the finished film now and it is outstanding. It made me cry. It’s touching, engaging, heartbreaking and thoughtful, with great performances by Ross Owen Williams and Rachael Moon, superbly directed by Shaun Sykes – an extremely talented young man who is definitely one to watch. The film is in support of Alzheimer’s Research UK, so will hopefully raise awareness of this terrifying condition.

Grace on The Keys to Our Mind set

My time on set was split between sitting amongst the audience for the final sequence of the film (along with Grace, who enjoyed entertaining the crowd on the beautiful grand piano!) and photography, and I am so pleased to say that one of my photos has been used as the basis for the film’s poster and I’m thrilled to be able to be the first person to share the poster from this great short film.

KTOM poster (1)

I hope The Keys to Our Mind does very well on the festival circuit. As soon as it’s publicly available to view, I’ll put the links up here – stay tuned!

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