The Innovative SCHÜSCHU Toybox

The Innovative SCHÜSCHU Toybox

If you are a parent of a child aged toddler upwards then you certainly know how frustrating it is to keep their room tidy. There is no easy solution and the right kind of storage becomes really important.

So how about a storage solution that is a toy? Tünde Schießl, mother and businesswoman from Augsburg, Germany has developed an innovative product, based on her own experiences: SCHÜSCHU.

The team at SCHÜSCHU are trying to fund their project and raise finance via a Kickstarter campaign. This launched on 9th November and will be running for 4 weeks. They offer a number of different awards according to the amount that people are offering to back them. Why not go across and see what they can offer you?


Suitable for ages 1½ to 8 years old, the SCHÜSCHU is not only a storage box but it is also a toy that can be transformed into lots of different objects (e.g. rocking horse or aeroplane) simply by using accessories. The holes in the walls of the box are used as anchoring systems for the different modules and when they are not in use, the accessories can be stored in the box together with their other toys.

The basic dimensions of the SCHÜSCHU-Box are 38 cm x 58 cm x 32 cm (14.96 inch x 22.83 inch x 12.6 inch) and it is made of environmentally-friendly plastic which is suitable for children. The corners of the box are slightly rounded to guarantee safety when small children play.


On top of the basic system, you can also purchase additional sections. The basic box itself creates the stability that is needed and allows for a stacking system of a number of the boxes. You can also add on a transparent cover and it can only be removed from the box using five fingers – making it harder for the smaller ones to remove. Take a look at their range below:


SCHÜSCHU will also be adding an app and a penfriend system into the mix next year.

Sustainability and high quality are important to this company and their products are manufactured in Germany from 100% recycled BPA-free plastic and what I really like about their concept is their swapping system. They take back the product, recycle them completely and in return deliver to you a new product of your choice! Alternatively you can exchange with other people who own the box.



If you would like to know more, then take a look at their video:

SCHÜSCHU Toybox product introduction from SCHÜSCHU on Vimeo.

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