The Latest Floor Trends this Autumn and Winter

The Latest Floor Trends this Autumn and Winter

I have to admit that, when Carpetright approached me and asked me to write this post, I was not aware that there was a specific seasonal trend when it came to carpets and flooring. Although, upon thinking about it, it does actually make sense. Especially if you have hard wood or laminate floors. 

I have never lived in a house with laminate flooring before – apart from the kitchen and bathrooms. In our previous house I used to find the carpets hard to clean – especially with the fact that we had two cats – and it was incredible how quickly they got dirty again. Since moving to our current house I have found it much simpler to maintain and it is easier to see when the floors are getting dirty. All of our downstairs rooms plus one of the bedrooms are now either laminate or tiled flooring. The bedrooms, landing are stairs are the only carpeted areas and, because we are not walking on these with our shoes and because our cat generally tends to stay downstairs, we don’t experience the same issues. 

There is at least one drawback though. During the winter months, the rooms do feel somewhat colder. It is harder to keep the rooms warm as there is no carpet to sink your feet into. Don’t get me wrong, slippers are great but there is only so much warmth they can create! 

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In order to combat this, I would consider some bold coloured rugs to not only make a room warmer but also add a brighter element to the room. I really love the thicker, plusher rugs – the ones you can really feel on the floor under your feet.

Carpetright recently commissioned Diana Civil, a successful interior designer and journalist as well as art director and set designer to help give her opinion. She regularly works on trend-led content and, in this videol, over on the Carpetright blog, she explains just what bolder colours can do for your rooms.
 I particularly liked the shades of red. They are not bright or garish, just burgundy and oriental reds. They look really distinguished to me.

Blue has long been one of my favourite colours and I also particularly liked the turquoise colour – but I am not so sure the rest of my family would though! They would be more inclined to go for purple.

I think, if anything, the only rooms that I would really like rugs in are the bedroom and the lounge. It is just not practical to have rugs or carpets in our kitchen, hallway and Ross’ office. It makes these rooms far easier to clean – especially if there are any muddy foot or paw prints being brought through! 

So, what would I choose from the Carpetright website?


For Ross’ office, I would have to choose something professional and fairly small. He is quite particular about his space so it would have to be a rug that didn’t get in the way and didn’t take over his room in the colour stakes. I think that the Paragon Wave would fit well. It has a more neutral colour tone and, if chosen in the beige colours, iot would match the wood-effect laminate floors we have.


The bedroom has one darker brown wall and 3 beige walls so I would want to add a splash of colour to the room. Of course, I am indecisive about which colour so I found this rug called ‘Funk’ (what a great name for a rug) perfect. It means we wouldn’t have to settle on one colour for the room. 


For the lounge, I would opt for the Joseph Spice rug. Carpetright say ‘The thin stripes will complement contemporary styling whilst helping your room look larger. The bright design will inject a splash of colour to any simply decorated room’ which sounds like the perfect description for a room which the family uses on a very regular basis.

This is a collaborative post with Carpetright

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