Nestcam: See Your Home on Your Phone

Nestcam: See Your Home on Your Phone

A fantastic piece of reasonably-priced home security, the Nestcam is comparable in size and style to many webcams and works in a similar manner without needing to be connected to a computer. Everything you need is integrated into the hardware.

It’s straightforward to set up and use – you simply find the spot in your house which you want to monitor, plug the unit into the nearest wall socket and connect it with your mobile device.

The camera is motion controlled, so moving around activates the device. Footage is recorded and you can check this retrospectively on your phone or tablet. It’s not a system where you can only see “what’s happening now”, you can see what has happened previously as required.

I can see a number of uses for this excellent piece of kit – the main ones that spring to mind are:

– a baby monitor; focus the camera on baby in the cot and check in for a visual update whenever you feel the need to check from another room.

– a pet monitor; when we go away for a night now and then, Ross has a tendency to become a fretting cat-owner who wants to make sure Gypsy, our kitty, is fine. By setting the camera up to focus on where she habitually sleeps, he can put his mind at ease that all is well in his absence.

– a teenager monitor! Pretty much the same as above but if you happen to leave your kids alone for a night, it’s as good a way as any to make sure they don’t suddenly invite twenty of their noisiest, clumsiest friends over for the express purpose of breaking your breakables.

– home protection; the most obvious use is to aim it at a place where anybody who might decide to burgle your house will have to go and, that way, if the worst does happen, you’ve got a visual record of the culprit. Also, if the device is visible to any intruder, they will surely rethink their plan, so it works as a deterrent as well.

Below is an actual image from my phone:


Given that the footage is held in the cloud rather than on a connected device, destroying the device will not eliminate the footage, so intruders (or, more likely, teenagers) won’t be able to get rid of the evidence by simply getting rid of the camera.

For the price asked, the Nestcam is a compact and useful product that can be employed in a variety of different ways to give you peace of mind regarding what is happening in the areas of your house that you want to check up on.

Nestcam comes with the following

  • Nestcam indoor camera
  • Stand
  • 3-metre USB cable and power adaptor
  • Wall-mounting plate
  • Nest screws
  • Quick start guide
  • Welcome guide

Nestcam comes with a free 10 day trial and Video History subscription plans start at £80 per year.

The NestCam can be purchased from Currys or any good electronics store and has an RRP of £159.

Disclosure: I received a Nestcam from Currys to review. Please note that all words, images and opinions have been formed by the owner of this blog and have not been influenced in any way. Please do not reproduce any of the content or images on this post without prior agreement from Verily Victoria Vocalises.

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