3 Easy Ways to Look Great Naturally

3 Easy Ways to Look Great Naturally

Looking in the mirror can occasionally be a painful experience.

With skin that looks uncannily like the surface of the moon and more wobbly bits than you can shake a stick at, catching a glimpse of your own reflection is often enough to make you want to smash the mirror to smithereens.

We’ve all been there.

Rather than burying your head in the sand or crying on your partner’s shoulder, though, you wash your face, scrape your hair back and trowel on more makeup than you’d typically find at an annual clown convention

However, this is obviously not a long-term answer.

While you’ve likely tried countless solutions in a bid to solve your occasional mirror-related woes, it pays to get back to basics and learn more about our three easy ways to make sure you look great the natural way …

Use Mineral Makeup

If you’re sick to the back teeth of forking out for makeup that seems to make your skin worse, you’d probably be unsurprised to learn that many of the chemicals used in some off the shelf cosmetics is doing you more harm than good.

Consequently, mineral makeup is a viable alternative. Why? Because it’s light and breathable, offering you the opportunity to cover up any imperfections without drying out your skin, making sure you enjoy a flawless and youthful looking appearance.

Drink More Water

You already know that you’re not drinking enough water, but who has the time? Well, if you’re failing to get your fill of that heavenly H2O and would rather have a coke than a glass of water, you can’t expect your skin to be looking in tiptop condition.

As a result, experts recommend you drink around eight glasses of water a day, which can come through tea (green tea is best) or by adding sugar free juices to the humble glass of water. If you’re doing sports or in a warm environment, however, drink more to compensate for loss of fluids.

Get More Exercise

Trying to fit in an exercise regime around a busy career can be a seemingly impossible task – but if you want your skin to glow bright, it’s important you find time to hit the treadmill, go for a swim or even have a run around your local park.

After all, working out helps your body get rid of the nasty toxins that combine to clog your pores and bring up all those unsightly spots and blemishes. With that in mind, then, remember to shower immediately after your workout to prevent bacteria wriggling into your pores.

What do you think?

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