A Fancy Dress Party Courtesy of Asda

A Fancy Dress Party Courtesy of Asda

I regularly feel a small pang of guilt when Grace tells people her birth day. The 2nd January normally means that people are out of money and ideas on the gift front, the weather is not good enough for outdoor play and people are entering the ‘winter blues’ phase of the year.

I had been considering doing some sort of midway through the year type of thing so, when Asda offered up the chance of a summertime fancy dress party, we knew this would solve our conundrum completely. The Asda fancy dress range is great!

Fancy Dress Party with Asda Costumes

We wanted to keep it small, so we gave Grace’s friends – Lucy, Sophie and Molly – the fancy dress options and asked them to choose which ones they would like.

Grace decided upon Jesse from Toy Story 2 and 3, whilst her friends chose Pocohontas and Merida from Brave. Molly is taller than your average 8 year old and has to look to age 13 for her sizes, however, this is not an option with Asda so her mum chose an Elsa costume for her from a separate source. This means that Grace has a spare Gladiator costume in the cupboard waiting for World Book Day! 


I have to say that the quality of the costumes from Asda are fabulous and very realistic to the characters they portray. Grace’s outfit came with a felt hat which really is a life size version of Jesse’s. She told me that it was comfortable and easy to wear. I also loved the tassels and the little brooch on the front confirming the character.


The Merida costume was beautiful. The slightly puffed sleeves and belt round the middle were lovely touches as was the hoop inside the dress. It also came with a small bow and two arrows.

Pocohontas is true to form with a suede, brown dress trimmed with tassels, glitter and the familiar blue necklace.


Finally, the Horrible Histories Gladiator costume is fantastic! It comes with a detachable cloak, separate brown trousers and a top that has one gold sleeve. There is also a foam shield and fabric helmet.

I trotted around Asda to find some party food and was impressed with what was on offer. I wanted to give them some treats and found the Minions Frube pouches on offer at £1 as well as a tray of 12 party fairy cakes for £2. I also wanted to send the girls home with a little gift each and, at the moment, the small school items are 3 for £1 so I picked up a little pack of monkey rubbers, some highlighter pens and a small heart shape sticky notes pad together with 5 packs of sweets for £1.


In case the girls got bored of make believing, I also picked up a ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ (or in this case ‘Bullseye’) game too for £1 and decided that the extra pack of sweets would be the prize.

The girls were off playing as soon as they arrived. It was lovely to hear them making up games outside in the garden. Grace even gave out her Elsa and Jesse dolls – who became their ‘children’ as part of the game. Grace has a big imagination when it comes to make believe and it sounded like they had a fabulous time. They all sat down to enjoy the party food – and I am pleased to say that there were only a few cakes left at the end (pleased for two reasons; less waste and more cake!).

Fancy Dress Party thanks to Asda

Playing pin the tail on the bullseye came along after they had eaten – and was played in two stages. They all got mighty close but in the end there was only one winner. Well done Lucy!

The girls all had a wonderful time and they all agreed that the costumes are the best! If the costumes had fitted me, then I think I might have gone for either Buzz Lightyear – just because the costume is so cool – or for Princess Tiana because what girly girl doesn’t love a beautiful dress? Thank you so much Asda for giving us the opportunity to have this party.

Disclosure: We received Fancy Dress costumes and a voucher towards party food from Asda in return for this article. Please note that all words, images and opinions have been formed by the owner of this blog and have not been influenced in any way. Please do not reproduce any of the content or images on this post without prior agreement from Verily Victoria Vocalises.

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