A Review of the Discovery Metal Detector

A Review of the Discovery Metal Detector

With summer fast approaching, this of course means that holidays are on the horizon which will also, hopefully, mean some beach time. 

A Review of the Discovery Channel Metal Detector

One of the things that I always wanted when I was a child was a metal detector. I had big dreams of finding a very valuable lost ring, finding the owner, returning it and getting a huge reward for my troubles. 

When Discovery asked us if Grace might like a metal detector, I knew straight away that it would be a big hit. This metal detector is geared towards children aged 8 and over so Grace is the perfect age to appreciate it and what it does. 

Grace has been interested in all things science and maths for a while now. Her love of rocks, fossils and minerals has spilled over into her being interested in precious metals. Another benefit for the detector.


This metal detector has a rotating backlit LCD screen that flips up which means it is easy to see when you are on the hunt. To make detecting your treasure even easier, there is also a double coil.  When you first use the metal detector, you need to set the sensitivity to enable it to detect metal in the home or garden correctly. If you turn it up too high, it just makes a continuous sound because it is registering any metal in the house and if you turn it down too low it won’t detect the metal.

So, here are the steps to follow: 

Step 1: Get a metal object, such as a spoon and put it on the ground.
Step 2: Hold the metal detector over the spoon and turn the sensitivity sensor down to minimum and slowly turn it up until it detects the metal object. To test it – remove the metal detector from the spoon and the sound stops – place it over the spoon and the sound starts again – now you have set it correctly
Step 3: Now you can use it around the house and outside to find metal objects 

Grace and her Discovery Channel Metal Detector

Our Verdict


It is really easy to use and set up. The handle suits children of all ages and, in order to make it work, all you need is one 9 volt battery which is not provided. The instruction booklet is really straightforward and isn’t that necessary but it is useful to have. Grace’s comments are: ‘it is pretty cool. I haven’t found anything so far – but I hope that will change when we go to the beach. I also found pipes under our conservatory – I never knew those were there!’.

What we love

It is good fun. You could spend hours searching for things and, as Grace says, you can find things out that you never knew before.

Any room for improvement? 

Being a toy, it will only detect metal that is near the surface – but sometimes that is enough for a small covering of sand at the beach. Grace’s comments – ‘the radar could be a bit better’.

I have a feeling our walks along the sandy stretches will be a little more interesting this summer. With it being light and fairly small, it certainly won’t take up much room when we are packing for our holiday.

Disclosure: We were sent a Discovery Channel Metal Detector by Trends UK for the purpose of this review, however, all words, images and opinions are that of Verily Victoria Vocalises and have not been influenced in any way. This article or their images are not to be re-produced without prior agreement by the owner of this site.

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